Walaa’s Weekly Wrap-Up ~ March 14th, 2014 ~A Conservatives Special

Posted 15 Mar 2014 by Walaa Idris

Open letter to all members of the Conservative party!

Dear friends,

We are a broad church and an inclusive party. That’s what makes us strong and diverse. It’s also what gives us our unique ability to empathise with everyone and allows us to appreciate complex situations where other parties dogmatically fail to comprehend simple differences. It is what makes us vehemently disagree with people like the late Bob Crow yet respectfully acknowledge his positives to eulogise him after his shocking death.

It is what allows us to see the good in every person and an opportunity in every challenge.

Unlike the left we never, in anger and hate celebrate anyone’s death no matter what they did personally to us or collectively to our nation.

We are decent Brits, who see the good, appreciate individuality and respect differences. We are the Conservative Party.

We are always proud of our values, and unafraid to speak our mind in any and every occasion, even if it means speaking against one another. We are feverous in our love to our country and patriotic to a fault. As a family, internally speaking against one another is healthy and can be constructive. But to the outside, as a governing party, it is distracting and can be destructive.

I sometimes feel some members, especially those who are elected members (people whom the media listens to and quotes, and those who have a responsibility to lead by example) still don’t understand that we are in a coalition and as a party have not ‘fully’ gained power since 1992. I also feel they (this particular group) don’t appreciate that getting elected is like a muscle if you don’t train and use it enough it can grow weak and loses its full strength – and we need a Conservative victory.

Let’s face it; up to 2010 we were in the middle of a dry winning spree. We broke that spell with winning more votes and seats but not enough to go it alone. That was a positive because with some compromises (the cost of not winning enough and needing to govern in a partnership) we managed to implement a great deal of our promises.

The reforms we introduced in welfare, education, the NHS and the work George Osborne did in fixing the economy and improving its outlook should give us the support and confidence we need to win outright in 2015. It should be the foundation and catalyst that helps us return a Conservative government.

But instead of working towards that and uniting behind it, instead of pointing out the good we achieved such as better pensions, a stronger economy, 2 million out of paying income tax altogether, higher income tax (45%) for high earners, lower unemployment, lower youth joblessness and all the wonderful work our party has achieved in coalition under the leadership of David Cameron…

It seems, some are busy daily generating negative and divisive headlines, because they don’t like one policy or one person or the way that person is doing things. These individuals are acting as if they don’t know how democracy works!

Daily, whether directly or indirectly these individuals are allowing our enemies to chip at our unity and show us in a negative light to the nation and the electorate. And to think, not that long ago, we saw what this type of propaganda can do and actually did to Gordon Brown!

That is why we need to quit our bickering and quit it now.

The backbiting, private ‘form insiders’ anti Conservatives briefings needs to stop because it will ONLY hurt us and our chances in next year’s election.

We need to ‘temporarily’ forget about the members we lost and who we lost them to. Put aside our differences and focus on motivating and keeping the members we currently have, attracting new and old members back and promote our successes and achievements in this government. We need be positive, speak only positives, contentiously talk about our achievements and put all our energies in winning the next general election outright and returning David Cameron as the Prime Minster in 2015.

Thank you

Sincerely yours

Walaa Idris

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