Walaa’s Weekly Wrap-Up ~ March 21, 2014

Posted 21 Mar 2014 by Walaa Idris

This weekend I am travelling so decided to wrap up the week a day earlier. Hope you don’t mind.

Sadly, there are still a lot of speculations about what might have happened to the Malaysian plane. With each day a new theory emerges and none of them give comfort to the families of the passengers and crow of the vanished plane.

As conspiracy theories go I have my own too. I think somewhere between Indonesia, Vietnam, North Korea, China and India someone knows exactly what happened to flight MH370, but they don’t dare say it in case they are asked how they know what they know!

You see in a world where ‘Knowledge is Power’ not all information is gathered in a kosher manner. Not all governments trust each other and many have their own secret ways of sourcing and capturing information. Plus they all spy on each other. That makes it very difficult for some to admit what they know. Especially when that admission might come at the cost of explaining to the world how they came about it.

Unfortunately to the passengers, crow and their families that cost might mean never publicly knowing what really happened to flight MH370!


The Ukraine has lost Crimea and the west is still figuring out what to do. While western leaders gather and pass sanctions on Russia and Russian businesses. Many are asking ‘how is it anybody’s business but Russia and the Ukraine?’

And even if the west makes it their business, no one will resolve this matter but the two nations in the middle of the dispute.

‘Crisis’ such as this makes me wonder when are western leaders going to learn that not every problem is theirs to solve and not every boarder is theirs to guard. Other nations need to fight, lose, win or draw to grow and develop too.

Maybe it’s time to let them.


George Osborne has delivered his best budget to date and Labour hates every word of it. They hate it so much that two days on and they still haven’t responded to it.

I am not going to say anything more about Labour because their leader has said it all by not responding to the budget and going on a temper tantrum instead.

There is no doubt this was a good and encouraging budget. A fair one that had something for everyone; for businesses, for youth, for pensioners, hardworking families and for savers. This was a budget for all.

For me, the best thing about the 2014 budget is the feeling it left people in. The sense that Britain is on the mend and is healing. That Britain is finally coming out of years of mismanagement and decline.

This was the best thing about Wednesday’s budget; the feeling that our country is growing albeit slowly but is steadily moving on the right direction.


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