Mr Goldsmith, Mayor Khan and Sir Trevor Phillips

Posted 3 Nov 2016 by Walaa Idris

Goldsmith and Khan

It might feel a little late to write about this topic now, as it is a few days since it was headline news, but it is an important subject, and deserves addressing further. Particularly as I feel it was not tackled fully or fairly. Also, in light of Sir Trevor Phillips’ latest report on ‘Liberal self-delusion sleep walking into catastrophe….’ I believe the time is now appropriate to speak to the grave accusation levelled at the Conservative Party and its members during this year’s London Mayoral Election.

As I tweeted during the election, neither the Conservative party nor Zac Goldsmith is racist. And I don’t think that should come as news either. Just look at the Tory membership, then at their front bench and elected representatives in all levels of government and you will see many non-white faces in all fields and at every rank. The same goes for female representation, and here, I would like to emphasize that none were selected or elected on special lists or measures such as ‘Women Only List’ – but I digress.

So let’s go back to the Goldsmith Khan racism row that caused some brown and Muslim people to feel aggrieved, which to me is the epitome of the power non-white people have over white people in this country. My point here is very simple, if any ethnic person accuses a non-ethnic person with prejudice everything will stop and apologists from all walks of life will jump to his or her defence before knowing, the background, reason or even the validity of the accusation directed. It seems in today’s Britain and contrary to our legal system, when it comes to prejudice a white person accused of bias is guilty until proven innocent. However, if the tables are turned and a non-white person is accused of bias then, he or she is innocent until proven guilty. And that is neither fair nor right.

That is why Sir Trevor Phillips’ report should not be taken lightly or ignored. To put it bluntly, even though our country is a nation of kind, welcoming and tolerant people that continues to warmly receive many outsiders, we cannot overlook the feelings of the silent indigenous population. Yes, you read right. Today, many white people in this country feel marginalised, not listened to and left behind. Whether you agree with it or not that is not a good feeling and that kind of bubbling is always followed by an explosion. And, that’s what Trevor Phillips meant with we cannot afford to ‘Sleep walk into catastrophe’

When the Conservatives campaign asked – what’s Mr. Khan’s relationship with a certain individual and is that relationship still ongoing? They were not in the wrong and had every right to question their opponent about the company he keeps. Where I feel my party was wrong is perhaps in pursuing the question after it was answered the first time. They should have dropped it and moved on. However, once the Labour party, the liberal elite and the Islington set pronounced the Tory campaign as racist and Labourite after Labourite went on TV and radio to decree Zac and his campaign as bigoted, the fight for London was over and finished. The focus shifted from London and the issues Londoners cared about to race and religion. Throughout all of this, sadly, the real discrimination was aimed at the white candidate with the privileged background who had family money – he never stood a chance.

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