Trump, Assange, Russia and the Clinton emails

Posted 5 Jan 2017 by Walaa Idris

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Despite the Brexit surprise and Trump’s unexpected victory, many are still missing the point. They are misreading the general mood and ignoring all the signs. they are not seeing that people are tired of the old politics and are hungry for change. My question is, are they missing it because they don’t yet get it. Or is it a case of wishing it away – hoping if they wished it hard enough it might just go? Sort of like when I was an Amway distributor, my mentor used to tell me “fake it until you make it”. I did, it made me feel good and to some extent, it even made me look good but clearly it didn’t work because I am not a diamond distributor.

Seems to me some folks, here and in the US, are “faking it” and hoping it might work. They are hoping that one day they wake up to find Brexit and Trump gone. They might feel good now but what next?

Listening to all the media and news outlets talk about Donald Trump believing Julian Assange over the intelligence services and I can’t help but despair at the level of self-delusion we face today.

We have two camps here. One camp, the establishment, pointing the finger at Russia and wanting so desperately to brush under the carpet this whole election. So, any chance they get to prove this outsider, who doesn’t play by the established rules, could not have been the choice of the people, they jump at it. They are busy looking for a wrong, and since they need the same people who elected Trump to elect a traditional candidate next time, they can not continue calling them stupid, ignorant, or do a Clinton by calling them deportable. But, they can say the “Commies” had a hand in his election. To most Americans Russia equals bad, because they are still the enemy. More so now as they are helping another enemy, President Assad.

Blaming Russia for the outcome of the 2016 US Election is the safest way to discredit Trump but not those who elected him. Julian Assange popping up with news that Russia did not help him leak the Clinton emails, is not what they want to hear now. It blows everything out of the water. So, what does the establishment media do? Not report on or debate what Assange admitted, but make their main focus Trump emphasising it. When all Trump is saying, look people Russia is not the offender here.

Regardless of what Trump or others think of Assange, the man is a hacker, for years it was accepted that he hacked many individuals and organisations. Then why when it comes to the Clinton emails it becomes a lie? Could it be because it does not neatly fit with the Russia involvement scenario?

The second camp is those who think Russia is the enemy, it is still too strong and must be stopped at all costs.

Think about it. The largest security services in the world, the inelegance gathering machine of the most powerful nation in the West would rather their nation is hacked by an outside government than the known master hacker! Ask yourself why is that? Why would an outgoing president openly discredit his own security and intelligence services, by admitting they failed to protect against a foreign cyber invasion? Is it honesty or something else!?

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