Hate to say it, but both Nadine Dories and Louise Mensch are wrong.

Posted 28 Aug 2012 by Walaa Idris

Dorries & Mensch

Nadine is wrong in attacking Louise for supporting the Sun’s decision to publish Prince Harry’s naked photos. One, because the photos were already in the public domain and all the Sun did was make them available for their readers and those who might not have access to Internet but wanted to see them. They (the Sun) did not judge the prince or his actions nor did they force the photos on anyone to see them, they just provided a service by making them publicly available for those who wanted to view them.

And, two, yes Prince Harry is free to live and enjoy his life, but guess what? People are also free to want to stick their nose in his business since he is a public figure! If we go down the line of “Harry did not have a choice on what family he was born into….” Tough! None of us did, but most of us daily deal with whatever our dynasty throws at us.

I am a royalist to no end; I too, was heartbroken by Diana’s death. I never cried for a public figure’s death before (and never since until Michael Jackson’s tragic death) but I wept for Diana and moarned her death for her and the two young princes, and, because it also reminded me of my own mortality, and the possibility of leaving my girls (who are much younger than William and Harry) motherless. As a mother, I too understand that kids need continued guidance and in some cases they need monitored guidance the kind only mothers can do well.

I will not go into the private room scenario, or talk about cameras /phones, or an army officer prince letting his hair down or even the security aspect of it all, because none of them are the issue. The only issue here is, those photos were already out all over the world and therefore became of interest for the UK public. They wanted to see them and deserved to. The Sun, as I mentioned before, did not force them on anyone. Plus judging from the number of official complaints (in the region of 150,000) verses newspaper sales (millions of copies) we can safely say the Sun was right to publish them.

That puts me and Louise on the same page, siding with the Sun publishing Prince Harry’s Photos. Where I disagree with Louise is first in the timing of her resignation. She could not have picked a worst time to quit her seat and trigger a by – election. An intelligent media savvy woman, she, should have known, especially as an A’Listers that resigning mid cycle, was never going to go down well. The A’List and A’Listers are still a hot topic and in some party circles they are looked at suspiciously by members and grassroots. Plus Louise is already accused by some for being an attention seeking, limelight grabbing opportunist. Don’t get me wrong as a mother myself I support and even applaud her decision, to admit she could not cope and put her family first is nothing but admirable. My problem is with the timing of it. Especially as both Louise and her family have already endured the hardships of the job for over two years, therefore, why not just wait a few more months and resign in Christmas (I know it looks like a long time and her kids will miss the start of the school year) but resigning at the end of 2012, after the Police Commissioners elections are out of the way, and hopefully the party is polling better and CCHQ has a fuller list of possible candidates and is preparing for the 2015 general election would have been a much more considerate timing.

Secondly and here is where I am most puzzled. Prime Minster David Cameron, in Louise’s own words has been extremely gracious, supportive and accommodating to her and her family’s needs. According to her, he allowed her to work from home on Thursdays and she was permitted to excuse herself for the school run during a nationally televised Select Committee hearing…

Won’t waiting until Christmas have been a better way to reciprocate his kindness and indulgence? I mean it is not hard for anyone to see he is under extreme pressure now and one less problem might have help ease it just a little.

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