An open letter to The Right Honourable Sir George Young

Posted 10 Dec 2012 by Walaa Idris

Dear Sir Young,

Subject: Why I think Nadine Dorries MP should return to the Conservative Parliamentary Party!

I am positive, that when you withdrew the whip from Ms Dorries, you did so because of parliamentary and party rules and regulations. I am also confidant that when you asked her to make amends with her association and constituents, it was a decision made as a result of your esteemed wisdom, just and sound experienced leadership.

It is that nature that I am appealing to in this letter.

Particularly, after taking your advice and judging from recent reports, it seems Ms Dorries has her constituents’ and association’s forgiveness, full backing and understanding, and now she deserves yours and the party’s.

Nadine Dorries is a true Tory and a solid Conservative, she is not a ‘Johnny comes lately’ who will cut and run at the first hurdle, she is a conservative who will always fight and support conservative values. I am no feminist but looking around me, I don’t see enough gutsy females publicly fighting for what they want and believe in. Nor do I see an overwhelming number of women sitting on either sides of the house. Feisty strong minded people can be a handful and a chore to manage in organised politics. However, their individuality reflects positively on the party’s diversity and tolerance.

We always say ‘our politicians should be representative, inclusive and mirror our communities’ Nadine Dorries is that. I might not agree with some of her methods but she reflects the thoughts and feelings of a sizeable segment of our voting public. Expelling her from the party will send the absolute wrong message, mainly to this vital block of voters.

Like many people. My initial reaction to her going on the show was ‘what a foolish and reckless thing to do’ but I also felt it was brave, opportune and showed her determination.

It was brave because she took a huge risk to make her point; especially since after the 2009 MPs expenses scandal, most the media chatter would focus, as it did, on her fees. Opportune, well, who knows if she’ll get another opportunity if she turned this one down!? As for her determination it speaks for itself.

I am not versed on parliamentary party rules, but if she did break a rule, then she should be reprimanded for doing so, but not kicked out. Particularly as now everyone is watching and her exclusion from our party will only add fuel to the fire that is Nadine Dorries MP.

My hope is that she becomes reinstated as a Conservative MP and maybe even given a brief! After all it is the season to be compassionate, charitable and forgiving.

Thank you for your time and warm Season’s Greetings

Sincerely yours

Walaa Idris

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10 Dec, 13:40

A lot about adobe but every Tory is terrified to criticise Gordon Brown, who earned £300,000 declared earnings but hardly ever attends Parliament.

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