Lies cost their victims and should cost those who tell them!

Posted 19 Dec 2012 by Walaa Idris

Andrew Mitchell

Just finished watching a YouTube copy of Channel Four’s Dispatches; it left me shocked and horrified! Shocked by the stupidity of those who lied and thought they can get away with it, and horrified that anyone can stoop that low to politicise and smear an innocent man’s name!

From the unfolding events, it seems the only thing Andrew Mitchell was guilty of is being a Conservative. However, that seems to be enough to warrant a proper stitch up in some circles!

Not one for counting chicken before they hatch, but in this occasion I think Andrew Mitchell deserves many apologies, from some Labour politicians (they know who they are) the constituent and his nephew (who now we know is a serving police officer), the Police Federation, particularly Ken Mackaill, the chairman of West Midlands Police Federation. These people, plus others who demanded Mitchell’s resignation without any solid evidence of wrong doing, owe him a huge apology.

After the apologies, Andrew Mitchell should devote some time to pinning down those who went out of their way ‘without checking their facts’ to tarnish his good name and paint him as an arrogant, rude Tory. Then sue the lot for defamatory liable.

It’s time people learnt lies cost victims but they equally cost those who fabricate and use them.

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David Hallowes

David Hallowes
29 Dec, 18:09

Agreed. I wrote a similar piece a few days ago. Very serious business which ought to see some heads role.
‘Today is not a day for soundbites but I feel the hand of Labour upon our shoulders’. Don’t trust that lot one bit. And I have voted for them in the past.

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