The joys of a fixed Parliament are many, here's one.

Posted 3 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

Since Paul Goodman’s Telegraph article on Sunday, everyone on the left is salivating with excitement at the prospect of PM Miliband in 2015, and folks on the right are shocked and agitated.

For those who don’t know, Goodman is a hugely respect former Tory MP, who wasn’t pushed out or lost his seat but decided he needed a change. So when someone as learned, calm and measured as him says “2013 will be the staging ground for a Miliband premiership” people have but to listen. Then of course, comment and explain why he is right or wrong. I too gave my two cents HERE but only focused on why if we (the Tories) want to win the ethnic vote, we first need to properly identify and separately talk to each member of that group. It is no good, when they are so different, to put them in one group then expect them to feel special. They won’t and will definitely not consider voting for us.

But we also need to look at how best to use the anger and joy of both sides. From experience, most people tend do better when challenged and dared to doing something. So why don’t we use Paul Goodman’s four points as a warning, a challenge, and make them a part of the Conservative Party’s “How to win the 2015 Election” plan. While Labour is happy counting their chicken before they hatch, Tories can blindside them with a real win. It’s very doable and we still have time, over two years, to achieve our goal. Moreover, let’s not forget that despite the polls, public opinion is still on our side, more voters like and trust David Cameron than Ed Miliband and nobody likes or trusts Ed Balls! We have everything to play for and nothing to lose except our nerve, so to quote my favorite London 2012 chant – Let’s Go …Go, Go…., Get it!

Don’t you just love knowing the date of the election? I definitely don’t miss all that snap election time wasting jibber jabber.

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