It’s reckless and dangerous to advertise Captain Wales in this way

Posted 22 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

Captain Harry Wales

‘I’ve killed Taliban’ statements like this don’t make Prince Harry a gallant hero, and change our opinion of him – assuming that’s what the papers and St James’ Palace are hoping this interview will do. They make him a target.

Captain Harry Wales is the younger of the two princes and the one further away from the throne. So it’s not a surprise he turned out to be the less inhibited, more fun loving of the two, and nothing is wrong with that.

In my opinion the public and the media’s obsession with all things Harry is wrong and can be borderline dangerous. The man (and he is a fully grown man now) is a solider. Soldiers fight and kill their enemy. Therefore, no one expected Co Pilot Gunner Wales to fly his Apache helicopter over enemy territory shoot and not kill! So why is our media making him a target? Whose idea was it to plaster every newspaper and news program with ‘I’ve killed Taliban’? It’s reckless and dangerous – we seriously need think before we print!

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