A picture is worth a thousand words – is the angry woman back?

Posted 23 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

While everybody is busy digesting if Beyoncé mimed her Star Spangled Banner rendition and why, I came across the eye roll First Lady Michelle Obama throw at House Speaker John Boehner for something he said to her husband. Which seems not to bother the president but his wife clearly disapproved or was that just a party political gesture…?

The look was shoot by Mrs Obama during the inaugural lunch and it reignited the angry woman debate. While half the nation is focused on her frocks, makeup and new hair style the other half is re-asking the question she went on Oprah to deflect – is Michelle Obama an angry woman?

I don’t know her so I can’t answer form knowledge. However, from observation, the look was an angry look, does it make her an angry woman? At that moment she clearly seemed angry.

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