Ed Miliband is the leader of the Robbing Hoods

Posted 18 Feb 2013 by Walaa Idris

How dare Mr Miliband, say Maria Hutchings was wrong and insulting to people. Simply because she wished what every parent wants for their child, a great education and the best possible start in life? In that respect, Maria said what most people think. But what I find disingenuous is how Miliband and his party think that their constant vilifying of affluence and privilege is right? And just because their utopic idea of an equal life means lowering the bar of aspiration and expectations instead of raising it, it does not mean those who think and feel the opposite are not insulted by their relentless barraging.

Lefties’ obsession with other peoples’ money is unhealthy, dangerous and needs to stop. After taxing earnings at almost 50%, products and services at 20%, personal savings, land and property purchase, local services and even death is taxed at 40%. Now, lefties want government to go into people’s homes and snoop for what else they might have missed taxing. Starting by the size of the property, then jewellery, furniture, who knows maybe ever cloth, food and drink – lefties want to re-tax it all.

The message been wealth is bad. Making lots of money is wrong and keeping it when you do is unethical! Why not just put-up a sign that says: “Britain is closed for business to the affluent, the ambitious and wealth creators; however our ‘Robbing Hood’ system is flourishing”

This is no longer the politics of envy, but the politics of madness. At a time when most businesses are reluctant to invest and every wealthy individual, is sitting on their hands. The last thing our politicians need to do is discourage those who want to invest away from these shores.

The energies used to brainstorm how best to relief the wealthy of their hard earned or God forbid inherited capital – which in most cases is still someone’s hard dedicated work – should be used to develop new ideals in order to create more wealth, encourage better innovation and more people to build and invest in businesses. Not to chase away those already here and scare anyone from wanting to capitalise in this country!

Sadly Mr Miliband’s tweet is a reflection of that premise – chase away those who aspire for betterment and scare them into guilt for wanting to be and become better. Instead of applauding a young lad for wanting to become a surgeon and his parents for supporting his dreams, shame them into isolation and turn it into a party political issue. There is nothing Robin Hood about Miliband and his party they are just plan robbers of hope, aspiration and now common decency.

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