Good, bad, white, black, when is a lie not a lie?

Posted 26 Feb 2013 by Walaa Idris

Julia Hartley - Brewer

Earlier today on LBC 97.3 – Julia Hartley-Brewer was discussing parents who use their friends or relatives addresses in good catchment areas to get their kids in the best possible schools. She told listeners, fortunately she did not need to resort to it, but would’ve to give her kid the best possible start in life. And, she understands and applauds those who do, because parents who want the best for their kids will do anything. Really, anything, isn’t that too broad?

The five minutes listening I spend before getting to my destination stayed with me and got me thinking….

From personal experience, I feel responsible as a parent for teaching my kids good morals and educate them about right and wrong. I did it while keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t befriend some idiot who undoes it all before they are old enough to understand and appreciate it.

So the idea of having to explain or justify a lie to them is something I am glad so far I never needed to do. That is why I was surprised to hear so many callers be very casual about lying to get a place for their child under the umbrella of ‘it’s his/her future’. Maybe I am chicken, but I’ll be too scared to get caught and humiliate my kids and myself, or worse face some kind of legal punishment.

I know life can be unfair sometimes, but when is a lie not a lie, and where do we draw the line?

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