Not so fast Mr White, Mitchell is owed a profound apology.

Posted 4 Feb 2013 by Walaa Idris

Andrew Mitchell

Yesterday on the Sunday Politics, Steve White vice chairman of the Police Federation was fast to distance parts of the police and blame the Andrew Mitchell witch-hunt on their organisation being a federation of 43 different bodies. Hinting that the West Midland Federation (then lead by the now deceased Paul McKeever) had the right to sit down with Mitchell and act independently on the findings of their questionings. To Steve White’s credit, he has reiterated that the National Federation did accept Andrew Mitchell’s apology and wanted to move on.

But did they? What about police officers wearing PC Plep t – shirts, someone sanctioned protesting while wearing them? Or regional federations hinting Mitchell lied during his interview with them – when his secret recording proved otherwise? Or when the chairman of the Met Federation encouraged his Twitter followers to fill Andrew Mitchell’s inbox with complaints?

There has clearly been a cleverly organised witch-hunt, with one foot firmly on the ‘we accepted his apology and wanted to move on’ camp while the other is on the ‘kick as hard as you can, see if he jumps’ camp. I fully understand like many other public sectors, the police’s frustration with the cuts and impending reforms. However, I expected better form them. In a country where people are innocent until proven guilty I hoped our police was the first to adhere to that and don’t judge until all the facts are at hand.

Now the facts are hand, their short lived triumph has backfired. Have it on good authority that tonight’s Dispatches will prove this to be so. After four arrests on the Plepgate case, three of whom members of the police, it is high time the Police Federation faced the music.

The Right Honourable Andrew Mitchell MP deserves apologies from them, form the whips office for not 100% believing him, other MPs specially Labour for accusing him without a solid evidence, the Prime Minister’s office for not going the extra mile (I could have done a better, more extensive investigation than they did to find the real truth). They all owe him a profound apology, because they were wrong to disbelieve, discredit and to some extend denounce him.

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Lies cost their victims and should cost those who tell them!

Posted 19 Dec 2012 by Walaa Idris

Andrew Mitchell

Just finished watching a YouTube copy of Channel Four’s Dispatches; it left me shocked and horrified! Shocked by the stupidity of those who lied and thought they can get away with it, and horrified that anyone can stoop that low to politicise and smear an innocent man’s name!

From the unfolding events, it seems the only thing Andrew Mitchell was guilty of is being a Conservative. However, that seems to be enough to warrant a proper stitch up in some circles!

Not one for counting chicken before they hatch, but in this occasion I think Andrew Mitchell deserves many apologies, from some Labour politicians (they know who they are) the constituent and his nephew (who now we know is a serving police officer), the Police Federation, particularly Ken Mackaill, the chairman of West Midlands Police Federation. These people, plus others who demanded Mitchell’s resignation without any solid evidence of wrong doing, owe him a huge apology.

After the apologies, Andrew Mitchell should devote some time to pinning down those who went out of their way ‘without checking their facts’ to tarnish his good name and paint him as an arrogant, rude Tory. Then sue the lot for defamatory liable.

It’s time people learnt lies cost victims but they equally cost those who fabricate and use them.

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