Time we unite and become one!

Posted 6 Dec 2012 by Walaa Idris

I am not going to do what every blogger, journalist, political commentator and economic advisers did and write an analytical blog on the good, the bad and the ugly of the 2012 Autumn Statement – the fallout from it and the rest of it…..!

As I am sure those who read this blog have ‘since yesterday’ read and heard every politico economic angle there is on the Autumn Statement and the responses to it. And I suspect those comments and remarks will continue into the New Year.

So, in this post, you won’t be reading that Chancellor George Osborne shocked the nation by delivering a midyear statement without one word being leaked before he stood up to deliver in the House of Commons. Nor will I comment on the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, stumbling of the blocks and never recovering from his trip. Then spending all of yesterday and most of today explaining that he has a speech impediment – which by the way many (myself included) did not know about or even notice until he mentioned it – but it gave him an opportunity to blame every Tory under the sun and accuse them of being unkind to him!

Hay I am not even going to talk about the cancelled 3p fuel tax hike or the increase of the basic rate tax threshold or my favorite the 21% corporation tax, the lowest in the western world !!!!

What I want to talk about is how serious our times are, and serious times require serious measures, resolve and ideological unity, such as the one currently governing our country.

A few weeks ago Prime Minister David Cameron speaking at the CBI Conference said Britain was in the “Economic equivalent of war”!

He was right, we are at war!

This economic crisis is our twenty first century war. No bullets, no tanks, no invading army or young men sent away to fight a physical enemy. But nonetheless it is a war, our war. It’s a conflict where people are losing their self-worth, their possessions and in some cases their health and maybe even their lives! This battle like all other fights before it has deep lasting damages to people young and old, able and disabled, rich or poor.

Our history is littered with wars, some we won and others we lost. But they all taught us one thing, regardless of the enemy and his strength; we only win when we are united and working collectively as one team. This war might be new and different in its nature but to win it the method is old and the same, unity!


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