Ed and Ed are extremely irritating but I still like them.

Posted 21 Mar 2013 by Walaa Idris

And so should every Tory and Liberal.

Three years later and our economy is still hovering over stagnation, and although it hasn’t fully recovered there are encouraging signs of healing and hope for a better future under Osborne. Especially when you consider the state Labour left this country in. It is a miracle we only just lost one of our AAA ratings.

I know people are tired of hearing it, but it needs to be said and people need to remember it. This government is only fixing the damage the last one did. They are simply working with the legacy they inherited from Labour. The deep wide hole Labour left cannot be sorted overnight and thirteen years of damage can never be fixed in three. Looking around us ‘Tax and Spend’ isn’t working anywhere and will never work here again. To get out of the hole we need to build and grow – and that’s what this government is doing.

Despite the challenges, yesterday’s budget was sensible; it gave help to First Time buyers, froze duties and brought forward the aspirational £10,000 rise on personal allowance. All measures aimed at helping low earners, especially young working families.

That is why I like the two Eds. Three years on and they are still saying the same thing with no or little regards to what is actually happening. They want to take form low earners by reinstating the 10p Tax, and cut the VAT, a measure that will only benefit those who regularly purchase high end goods and services. Not quite the ‘One Nation’ folksy measure you’d expect from a socialist pair.

I like them because they make this government’s job easy by daily showing the voting public who is really on the side of people, clearly not Miliband and Balls.

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Check out the best of Labour

Posted 30 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

The best of Labour

Just look at them, can these two manage anything let alone run a country in tough economic times? They look absolutely clueless and out of place. I don’t need to say anymore, the picture says it all.


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