How insane is politics these days?

Posted 27 Feb 2013 by Walaa Idris

Is it just me or is everything about the Lord Rennard scandal extremely suspect? Although not a current matter suddenly it’s the centre of all news – seems within hours it was everywhere and on every tongue. I just hope there is no injustice carried out by the media, and in their insatiable attempt to damage Clegg and the Libs they did not do a Mitchell. We all remember too well what happened there – an innocent man hounded out of office only to later discover none of it was true. And although he was pushed out forcefully and publicly by many, he is now left quietly to repair the damage on his own.

But, were the LibDems to lose tomorrow because of this scandal, and the Conservatives not to win because of the AAA rating – then who will win? The surprise winners will of course be the beneficiary of the protest vote gathered from both parties, UKip and not Labour. Besides lack of trust in their economic abilities and running the country, Labour never wins in the South just as the Tories find it a challenge winning up North.

Losing Eastleigh, a council 99% controlled by the LibDems – in Craig Revel Horwood’s words is a ‘DI-SAS-TR’ and puts Clegg in serious trouble. Tories not winning is a slap in the face and the road to a possible 2015 defeat, also a very serious matter. Just like 2010 was fought via media, this by-election is as good as decided by them. They wanted a coalition and got it, now they want Clegg out and Eastleigh is how they are going to do it.

It doesn’t take a genius to see this by-election is media charged and pretty much very little else. From the start they wanted one outcome, the Lib Dems to lose and Clegg to pay for it. When Chris Huhne’s lying and coercing his then wife to do the same did not have the desired effect, out of nowhere appeared a sex allegation (the ultimate political downfall) complete with a cover up and police questioning. Add to that the daily calls, of course by the media, for Lib Dem MPs (specifically female) to come forward with what they might know!

The whole thing is just bizarrely painful to watch. But I guess that’s what politics is all about these days. And we wonder why decent folks don’t want anything to do with it.

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