The neutered politics of copycat and recycled ideas and policies!

Posted 15 Feb 2013 by Walaa Idris

Even though these days little Labour say or do shocks. I was still surprised yesterday to hear Ed Miliband propose a Mansion Tax, which he stole from the Lib Dems, and reintroduce the once abolished with his blessing 10p Tax Rate!

My astonishment was not that Miliband wants to reinstate something he believed five years ago was fair to abolish or another he nicked from a party he fervently disagrees with everything they say and do. I am surprised because these days it seems politicians openly and unashamedly steel, recycle and U-turn at a drop of a hat. Don’t get me wrong, I respect those who listen then deliver what their voters ask of them. Within reason, there is nothing wrong with changing ones’ mind after listening to the opinions of those directly affected by the decision. What I find dishonest is disagreeing with a principle then turning around and adopting it while expecting the public to applaud it.

Our politics is already suspect, voters are already disillusioned by it and don’t trust either politics or politicians. They see politics as a slimy self-serving business, a clan of those who have little interest in people and are in it for themselves, their own self-interest. Against that kind of backdrop, you would think at least the ‘One Nation’ Miliband will be original and come up with something organic.

Unfortunately, the culture of fearing to standout form the crowed in case is it not safe or God forbid moves the party away from the centre ground, is what’s making today’s politics meek, weak and insincere. The more politicians copy each other to stay neutral and appeal to everyone, the more parties look and sound alike and the less the public believes and trust in them and their politics.

But what really surprises me is I don’t think politicians even know or see how the public sees them!


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