If Obama is moving ‘Forward’ why then is his campaign focused backwards!?

Posted 7 Sep 2012 by Walaa Idris

President Obama acceptance speech was puzzling. First, and by comparison to his usual style it was rather flat, even though he was preaching to the converted. Which brings me to another peculiar thing with the speech; it offered nothing to independent and floating voters. Strange, because how does he think he won the 2008 election? Yes he energized and maintained his base, but it was undecided voters and those outside his base that won him his fabulous majority last time!

Thirdly, during the whole speech, he never once said what went wrong since Hope and Change ….! Never talked about the jobs he promised to create but failed to, or the businesses that went under on his watch. He did not say a word about the homes that were repossessed and the families that lost everything, he didn’t even talk about his legacy and pet project, Universal Health Care. Come to think about it, last night, President Obama said very little about what mattered to Jo Public and Middle America and talked loads about ‘just give me a second chance, because Michelle, Joe and Bill think I am a good man and will be better than the other guy’ !!!!

I never had any doubt that one day after the novelty in gone; the true Obama will have to stand naked for all to see his true substance. That day came last night in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Herman Cain blinked and he’s out!

Posted 4 Dec 2011 by Walaa Idris

Herman Cain

I’m not a lefty, so will not cry over Herman Cain suspending his campaign because he is a brother…, plus, and in my very humble opinion, he was never a serious contender to start with. In all seriousness, I could never picture him as the leader of the free world. Why?

Because, first he never held any kind of elected office and suspending his campaign is prove he is not cut out to sit at top. The press hounding and scrutinising every inch of a presidential candidate is a given, and Mr. Cain tripped at the first hurdle they put in front of him. People who make it to the highest office in the land, the White House, possess a certain resilience he did not enjoy. Look at Clinton (Bill), he managed the Monica Lewinsky affair and two terms with ease, Bush (George W) had his challenges and even Obama with his birth certificate and religion – all men were undeterred and never once wavered.

Most presidents as candidates and during their term in office face all sorts of allegations, fight them off and stay the course – and if we are lucky they write a book and tell us what’s what later!

Secondly, he has very little to offer – his 999 that doesn’t add up, forgetting and muddling issues during the debates and the last straw was his incident with Libya!!! It was the prove many needed to decide if Herman Cain is a serious man who likes to joke or a joke who wants to be taken seriously!

Don’t get me wrong, he is probably a good man and seems to be a nice man but he is not a Commander in Chief type of man.

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Obama the not so frugal president!

Posted 17 Aug 2011 by Walaa Idris


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