The difference between left and right is more than political ideology, is in how we view and value people.

Posted 13 Feb 2013 by Walaa Idris

Slavery is a serious issue

Nothing highlights dissimilarities like adversity, be it personal, local or national. In the UK today our misfortune is the unhealthy economy, the debts left by the last government and the much needed reforms to fix an expensive wasteful welfare and public services system while managing its devastating effects on many lives, in particular young lives.

The Poundland volunteer who yesterday won her judicial appeal – that her work experience was unlawful and who is now working full time at a supermarket chain – has sparked huge debate on the issue and highlighted the clear difference between left and right thinking on the subject.

On the right, we feel government should do all it can to help young people train and prepare for their working life. We strongly believe in encouraging the young to grab every possible opportunity and learn all they can. On the other hand, the left thinks government’s duty is to create jobs and while they are doing so they should make young people as comfortable as possible, even if that meant doing nothing and sitting idle while they wait. They discourage any form of get – up – and – go in case it might scar these young folks. They simply don’t trust people.

Creating a dependency culture is the left’s goal ambition; lefties don’t belief in people and think government knows what’s best for everyone. While on the right we believe in empowering people and trusting them to know better than any government what is best for them. We believe in giving people a hand up not a hand out. We have faith in people, respect them and think they are happier taking control of their own lives.

The coalition government asking young people to do work experience whilst it benefits both – the employee and the employer – it mostly teaches young workers the basics and gives then actual on the job training and the best hands-on experience. To the left that in work experience while claiming Job Seekers Allowance, is akin to slavery and people being chained while whipped to work without any liberty!

I find that logic dangerously bizarre especially as Slavery is a serious matter that should not be used casually for effect.

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