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Posted 31 Dec 2009 by Walaa Idris

Happy New Year!

… and I am sure when you continue reading you too will agree. Every year about this time I look back and assess the year. Check and examine my achievements, aims and the goals I set for my self, the dreams and targets I wanted to achieve for the year. Applaud my accomplishments and re-inspect the failures and setbacks, to see where I can improve. This has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember and I am positive I am not alone in doing that. Many people annually take the pilgrimage of self exam and assessment; a lot of us take time out and reflect on what they achieved and how they can do better in the future. For me, today is the day for taking stock and that reflection, regrouping and planning for the year ahead, resetting some old goals and setting new ones.

Through the years my goals and aims have ranged form as mundane and boring as losing weight and becoming fitter to as complex as new ventures in far away unknown places, and shedding some debt in between. It’s been an annual tradition but it has always been mostly about me and what I wanted to achieve.
This year I decided that needs to change, it is time to be really bold and do something totally different. A new decade in a new century why not also new thinking and a new resolution, so I decided that 2010 is not going to be about me and my goals. But about family, friends and my community, about how I can help and support them reach and achieve their own goals and dreams. That does not mean I will go through the year aimlessly, no, it just means that my focus will be more on selflessness!

For starters, I will help my two girls each reach their number one goal for the year (nothing bold there), and will do the same for my sister and brother. In 2010 I will campaign tirelessly with two friends (in marginal seat) to help each of them win their seat and capture their dream. A dear friend is developing a young peoples’ mentoring charity, a young mentee I am mentoring is putting together a fantastic inner city children’s project due by the summer, and a local charity will all get a great deal of my time energy and support this year. I will also help to source and secure funding for a pioneering building project another friend of mine is leading. This friend is running a superb project in Africa; building an affordable and ecological housing development for middle to low income families.

2010 will be the year where what I want will matter less and take a back seat, but what my close and dear wants will matters a great deal more. It is the year where my focus and energy will shift from how can I help, to let me help!

Happy 2010 Everybody!

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Sally Roberts

Sally Roberts
31 Dec, 14:06

Very well said! A Happy New Year to you Walaa and to your family!

Dawn Parry

Dawn Parry
1 Jan, 01:59

Wow! Welcome to the amazing voyage of self discovery. You’ve just opened up your entire world to success. x

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