I’m back

Posted 15 May 2021 by Walaa Idris

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I last posted here. Time does fly! Lots has happened since my last post on why we should all #BackBoris. The nation overwhelmingly did back him. And thank God they did. He proved to be a great choice – a brilliant leader and a fine Prime Minster.

Since then, COVID took over our lives. Indiscriminately hitting all corners of the globe infecting and killing millions. But the world quickly responded by developing vaccines and deploying them everywhere, now every nation is vigorously fighting its spread.

On the international stage. We left the EU. Americans managed to unseat Trump and elect a former VP in his place. Troubles between Israel and Palestine are escalating. And the U.S. will finally withdrew all its troops from Afghanistan on September 11 of this year.

On a personal level, like most people I used the lockdowns to catch up on box sets, movies and some books. I had meetings, drinks and get togethers over Zoom. Also like most, I put on weight and became attached to my dogs. But most importantly, I learnt I can be very happy doing absolutely nothing of importance and the sky won’t fall down. So, now I am a lot more chillaxed.

As a Councillor, last week I was reshuffled out of Planning and opted to not take any of the fig leave posts I was offered. I liked Planning, and enjoyed working with the Planning team, they are a wonderful bunch to know and work with. I shall miss it and them. However, what I won’t miss is the looks of disappointment on residents when the decision doesn’t go their way.

This is an election year for me. So, from now until May 5, 2022 I will focus on my ward, my residents, my one Select Committee (The Environment) plus all things Bee Superhighway. Yesterday, I helped plant pollinators in a disused grassed area outside the Natural History Museum on the Exhibition Road side. That was a double bonus for me – my passion in my ward.

As usual I like to keep my posts short and sweet, but I am definitely back to stay. Enjoy your weekend.