Why now we must all #BackBoris

Posted 15 Aug 2019 by Walaa Idris

It is no secret I am a Brexiteer and during the EU Referendum supported and campaigned for the Vote Leave campaign. Like all my fellow Brexiteers and most of the country I believe we should have left by now. That is why I think it is time for those who voted to Remain to put their personal feelings aside and support the Prime Minister. They need to back Boris to end the Brexit uncertainty and allow the country to move forward.

When parliament triggered Article 50, MPs knew what they signed up for. They knew they had two years to negotiate the terms of Withdrawal, followed by a withdrawal without a deal if a deal cannot be agreed.

Now, three years after the referendum and we still haven’t left. Parliament is stuck. Government is stuck. The country is stuck. The uncertainty of this stuckness is chipping away at our economy and slowly destroying us, as individuals, as communities and as a country, and it needs to stop.

Parliament now has a duty to break this deadlock. It is the job of MPs, as the elected representatives to deliver what the country instructed them to do. And deliver it despite personal views or feelings. We are now at a crossroad, our democracy is at stake and trust in our politicians is at it’s lowest because Brexit hasn’t yet been delivered.

The time to argue there wasn’t enough information during the 2016 campaign or the vote was advisory, or after three years people changed their minds or, or …… are all pointless. Frankly, they are also baseless, because in a democracy when people cast their vote they expect it to be honoured. They expect those they sent to parliament to represent them do as instructed.

That is why we must now leave. That is also why we must all support Boris Johnson. He has the commitment to honour what the country voted for. The leadership to carry it through, and the vision to be bold and pragmatic while delivering it. His choice of ministers and announcements to date are prove of it.

The PM and all his cabinet have repeatedly set out their desire for a deal, and their willingness to renegotiate and agree one. However, it is correct and encouraging they are all in agreement that if a better deal is not agreed we will still leave without one. This is the certainty the country and our economy has been craving for for three years and that is why we must all back Boris Johnson and stand united behind him to leave with or without a deal on October 31st.

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