Can't help but wonder sometimes!

Posted 19 Apr 2011 by Walaa Idris

I truly wonder sometimes why some-people deliberately and decidedly go out of their way to stick out and not in a good or positive way!

Take for instance reports this morning that a Muslim campaign group has applied for permission to protest outside Westminster Abbey on April 29, the day of the royal wedding!!

I understand and respect people’s democratic right to protest and express their opinions – plus appreciate the event is opportune for sending a robust global message – but what I can’t comprehend is the insensitivity of the timing and the clear lack of foresight in choosing it!!!

Islam is a peaceful, loving inclusive and forgiving religion and it teaches us that major life events such as marriage, birth and death are occasions where the world rests. If warfare was to occur during these massive events then people would rest their arms as a mark of respect. So why would this group do the exact opposite of the teachings of Allah and his prophets in the name of Islam. It’s counterproductive whichever way you look at it and only causes undo hostilities at a time where none is required. Not to mention its crassness!

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David Morris

David Morris
20 Apr, 17:29

I totally agree with you Walaa – I don’t know what these people think they’re going to achieve. Surely they can expect that most people won’t agree with them and that they won’t be allowed to protest.

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