Prevention is better than a cure!

Posted 20 Apr 2011 by Walaa Idris

Following on from yesterday’s post HERE – this morning on LBC, Nick Ferrari talked with a representative of Muslims Against Crusade – the same group that burned poppies on remembrance day last November and applied this year for permission to protest outside Westminster Abbey during the royal wedding. Their spokesperson indicated to LBC listeners’ that he condones the burning of effigies of Prince William and Kate Middleton during their marriage ceremony in protest for the royal families’ involvement with wars in Muslim nations.

Well, now that we “know who they are” and what they intend to do! Why don’t the securities just round them up and tuck them away for the duration of the festivities. They do it to football hooligans before major games to avoid anarchy and disruption to the games – fundamental hooligans should not be exempt from the same treatment. Plus doing that will give them the media coverage they crave and want – but most importantly it will give the majority of the law abiding population the confidence that their right for a peaceful celebration is protected and uninterrupted.

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Shaun Pilkington

Shaun Pilkington
20 Apr, 17:31

Because of ‘budget poker’. A bit of visible agro on the street is worth tens of millions in police budgets. Decent policing that nips the nonsense in the bud would lack that visual impact upon those who hold the purse strings and when it comes to budget poke, a nasty episode on TV is the Full House!

David Morris

David Morris
20 Apr, 17:33

How were William and Kate involved in the wars? The decision to go to war was nothing to do with them.

It was the government (with the support of other parties) who chose to go to war.

The Queen might be the head of the Armed Forces, but she has no say in troop deployments, use of arms or overall military strategy.

I agree that these people should be prevented from protesting.


20 Apr, 21:16

So let me get this right…the Torys who complained that NuLabour were setting up a police state..believe that people who have held/want to hold a peaceful (if noisy) protest(s) should be rounded up and jailed because of what the state thinks (please note this THINKS) they might do. Another aspect of “The Big Society” no doubt that Call Me Dave left out of the manifesto..

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