Walaa’s Weekly Wrap-Up ~ February 8th, 2014

Posted 8 Feb 2014 by Walaa Idris

Storms are still battering Somerset, and the floods are going nowhere in a hurry. My heart goes out to families, farmers and the animals besieged by the waters. Conditions in many parts of the county are absolutely dreadful. They are all in my prayers.

But from all that misery a hero has emerged yesterday. Ian Liddell Grainger, the wonderfully and appropriately angry MP for Bridgwater, who called Lord Smith, the chairman of the Environment Agency “that ruddy man” and suggested flushing his head down a toilet. Is now the hero of every man, woman, child and livestock in Somerset. His crude yet passionate outrage is what the people of country feel and wanted expressed, and he did it precisely.


Labour this week gave up beating on the economy, which is clearly ignoring all their predictions and steadily growing. So they turned their attention to women in the Conservative party.

But before I go any further, I would like to ask an obvious question. Which party had a women leader elected the first female Prime Minster of Britain in the last quarter of the last century?

Stage managing a picture perfect front bench with women elected mostly by positive discrimination, does not make me or any woman who wants to be taken seriously feel proud or be jealous.

You see the thing Labour and the PC brigade don’t get is this. Women, serious Tory women who are passionate about what they do and believe in, don’t want to be the token anything. They don’t want to be given special measures and the bar lowered for them to satisfy some statistical quota and target.

That is the feeling and understanding of most Conservatives women. We have the example of Margret Thatcher to follow. The example of “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it”.

Tory women are not afraid to fight a good fight. Get there on merit; earn their strips and the respect of the country and their colleagues.

Because only then, when she has gone through the same tests and processes every man went through, a woman can feel and be equal to men. She can then stand proud, shoulder to shoulder, with her head held high knowing she is truly and fully equal to every man sitting beside her – because whatever price he paid and sacrifice he made she did too.

No Tory woman worth her Jimmy Choo’s would ever want to stand unequal elected on some ‘Affirmative Action’, positive discrimination all women short list. Because unlike our lefty counterparts, we believe discrimination by any other name is still discrimination. And all discriminations are wrong and unjust.

To everyone in Scotland, Please stay!

We want you to stay. Because we are better and stronger together so please stay in the union.

Scotland, we love you!

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