Save the 11 & 19 bus routes

Posted 20 Oct 2018 by Walaa Idris

Route 11

The mayor of London is about to turn the lives of Londoners upside down with his latest transport plans. If you use any of the routes he is planning to reduce or remove, please speak up. Have your say. Don’t let him disrupt our lives and destroy our transport.

I really don’t understand the logic behind changing routes 11 & 19! In Chelsea, we need them to continue as they are, because they are vital to many. Particularly those on fixed low incomes. The disruption of these routes causes enormous difficulties to parents with children, carers with charges, shoppers with bags, visitors with cases and all wheelchair users.

My ward (Brompton and Hans Town) residents of all ages and socioeconomic standards heavily depend on these two buses for their daily pursuits, be it for business or pleasure. And, as a parent, I know most parents would not want their older children, travelling on their own, waiting on bus stops and changing from bus to bus to get to school or back home. Besides being time consuming, it presents a safety and security concern, especially in dark winter nights.

This is what Jill, a constituent and regular bus user said “Buses 19 and 11 have been part of our lives ever since we have lived here. Do TfL and the Mayor really think people will be happy to change buses every few stops in the cold and the rain? Are they targeting smart people living in RBKC or is it change for changes sake? They will just encourage everyone to drive, which I thought was the last thing they wanted. It is particularly outrageous that there will be no direct route from Sloane Square to Trafalgar Square and Charing Cross. It does not work very well by tube if one has to walk up that steep hill from Embankment with a suite case.”

The general consensus from all those I spoke with, is TfL should engage with local residents, schools etc. prior to any implementation, because as it stands this is a regressive measure when the objective is to encourage bus use.

Please have your say here, closing date is Friday, November 9th 2018.

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