Walaa’s Weekly Wrap-Up ~ April 19th, 2014 ~ Easter Special!

Posted 19 Apr 2014 by Walaa Idris

I was surprised at the number of people who call themselves liberal and believe in personal freedom yet went out of their way to mock and criticise David Cameron because he said he is a religious man!

It’s Easter week, a fitting time for a Prime Minster to admit that he does God and finds solace and comfort in his religion. It was therefore a good and appropriate time for David Cameron to share with the public that it was his religion that helped him get through the darkest moments of his life.

I am also a believer, not of the Christian faith but a Muslim, an Abrahamic and therefore united to both Christianity and Judaism by a commonality. My belief in God, is also what helped me though my darkest hours and continues to help and guide me daily.

Now I understand those who think God is a crutch or mystical thing believers cling to, and find it difficult to understand those of us who have a religious belief. But what I don’t understand is the force and venom they employ to attack us with. As if they are threatened by our faith, when most of us regard our faith as a personal matter never intended to be imposed on others.

During his premiership Tony Blair announced that he doesn’t do God. Only to later find out that he privately did do God and it was a political manoeuvre to publicly denounce his faith. So he lied. He lied about his belief, and where I come from that is a sin.

For Muslims, part of believing is openness about our belief and pride in it, I am sure other religions are the same.

Hiding your creed and who you are went out with the dark ages, just as chastening people for personal freedoms is frowned upon in the twenty first century.

Yet still Cameron’s admission flushed out “not so liberal” lefties who are happy for British Muslims to register their estate, in Britain, under Sharia law. Tasked themselves with neutralising Christmas and removing the word Christ from every communication to not offend other religions. But are not at all happy for their Prime Minster to be truthful about his own religious believes!

In other words, they rather Cameron do a Blair than do God!

I find that truly shocking and disappointing at the same time. Religion and faith is a good thing and as matters of personal freedom and choice they should be encouraged and respected.

Happy Easter to one and all.

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