T May Desert Khaki Pants

Posted 13 Dec 2016 by Walaa Idris

Why should we care how much Theresa May spent on those Desert Khaki leather pants? How did that information enrich any of our lives?

For over ten years David Cameron was the Conservative Party leader and Prime Minster of the UK and I don’t recall any time when the price of his suits, ties or shoes being an issue. Once a journalist observed that he always wore a dark navy shirt when on holiday and on another occasion, another wrote about him and his son wearing matching swinging trunks. The price of the trunks was mentioned, but both incidents were simply observations.

I know some journalists are obsessed with T May’s penchant for shoes, particularly kitten heels. Most women have a love affair with either shoes or handbags and some adore both. So, what purpose did discussing May’s leather trousers all weekend serve? Did she claim for them on expenses? If she didn’t, then what was the point!? She is not a destitute woman with a mountain of debt and unpaid bills. So, what’s wrong with being stylish or having a flair for fashion. Why are we chastising a woman who worked all her life and paid her way?

To me, at least the pants are shapely, feminine, and elegant, unlike the North Korean style pants suits Hilary Clinton and Angela Merkel like to wear. Plus, they are designed by the British designer Amanda Wakeley.

The obsession with what our politicians buy and how much they spend on themselves is petty and unconducive. Personally, I don’t care what anyone spends on themselves providing it is not public money. It’s their business and should not concern us. We all feel great when we buy and wear things we like that make us feel good, so why do we deny our politicians the same feelings?

On the other hand, the silver lining of that cloud is the pants are now Sold Out! Seems the little fuss over the weekend was good for the economy, good for Britain and great for Amanda Wakeley. #Result!

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