The difference between Obama and Trump is their similarity

Posted 19 Jan 2017 by Walaa Idris

Donald J Trump

Nine years ago, the American people took a chance on a community organiser turned senator from Illinois. His message of ‘Hope and Change’ reverberated across the globe and gave rise to new politics. Obama became the symbol of change, optimism and can do attitude. Not because he was a brilliant politician, since he was virtually untested, but because he was the first black man in American to be nominated by a major political party to stand for president of the United States. His win was a world celebration. Even those who disagreed with his politics rejoiced in his success. People everywhere wished him to do well. So much so, that before he even stepped inside the Oval Office he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. ‘Hope and Change’ and ‘Yes We Can’ became songs of promise and aspiration. Every man, woman and child knew what they meant and understood their significance.

Nine years on, Obama’s presidency is ending and Trump is due to become the 45th President of the United States. He is not black, or a woman but like Obama he is unique. He never held an elected office before, nor served in the military. Trump’s background is pure business. An entrepreneur, he spent his whole life making business deals and building his multi-billion dollars’ empire. Add to that, he is uncensored, unafraid to speak his mind and unlike most conventional politicians, he puts his hand up when he makes a mistake. To many, Trump is just another ordinary man who made and lost money, learnt from both and genuinely wants to make a difference, and the public adores him for it.

On the other hand, despite their visible differences, both men share many similarities. They both enter the White House as the first of their kind. Obama, as the first black man and Trump the first entrepreneur. Both men have a vision for America based on their passion, conviction and believe that America can do better and be greater. Both advocate radical change and both moved many voters with their furore to go that extra mile for them. And, both men exceeded expectations and defied conventions.

So, when you see these similarities, you can’t help but ask why the fuss? And wonder why was Obama’s election received with so much joyfulness and positivity from mainstream media yet Trump’s didn’t? Is it because Trump is unconventional, in that he had a colourful history littered with bankruptcies, different lovers, and wives? Or is it because he is a reality celebrity, with the biggest unfiltered mouth and a penchant for Twitter and tweeting, who lived his life publicly? When for many ordinary people, being a maverick outsider is exactly what they love about the Donald and the reason they want him to lead them. Many voters like that Trump speaks his mind and doesn’t run every word and phrase through a focus group before speaking directly to them. They admire his openness, and his tendency to tell it as it is and appreciate that he publicly says what many of us are thinking.

I, for one welcome this eccentric, breath of fresh air and predict he will be one of the greatest presidents the US ever elected. He will change politics not only in America but across the world. Many good and able unconventional wannabe politicians, who were reluctant to put themselves forward before Trump came into the scene, will see his success as their calling card and put themselves forward. And, that my friends can only be a good and positive thing.

In closing, I would like to extend warm congratulations to President Donald J. Trump.

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