Wow, did I hit a nerve!?

Posted 4 Feb 2012 by Walaa Idris

Yesterday I read a tweet and wanted to reply to it, but the 140 charters twitter limit made it impossible so, I blog-posted my thoughts HERE.

Somebody did not like what I wrote and as a result, I have been bombarded since 9pm last night with angry comments.

Come on people, all I did was expressing an opinion, which the last time I checked was my right!

I am aware if you stick your head out you risk upsetting someone. But this looks a tad coordinated and targeted.

As my mama always says “you must be doing something right, otherwise they won’t bother attacking you” so thank you.

Not one to invite conflict – but Bring It On Lefties!

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Gail Stacey

Gail Stacey
4 Feb, 16:11

‘“you must be doing something right, otherwise they won’t bother attacking you” so thank you.’

My sentiments exactly, so thank YOU! :)

Dave Plummer

Dave Plummer
4 Feb, 16:27

Walaa, you’ve been bombarded because you’re wrong. People are passionate about supporting each other. Despite the best efforts of your party and the mainstream media most folk have a conscience.

Tories support each other, the rest of us have to come together to save ourselves from your ghastliness.

Peter Davies

Peter Davies
4 Feb, 16:44

I find it interesting that you consider 15 or so comments a “bombardment”. Clearly the top 50 conservative/right wing blogs are not being read by as many people as one might have feared.

The amount of thought and insight you expressed in the blog could very easily have been conveyed in a tweet of 140 letters. Or none.

As far as I’m aware, nobody’s contesting your right to an opinion. Just having different opinions ourselves – which last time I checked was still our right too, although under the current government perhaps things have changed?

Your mam said “you must be doing something right, otherwise they won’t bother attacking you”? I expect Gadaffi and Saddam Hussain’s mam’s said exactly the same to them. Except they actually were being attacked. You’re not. We’re just expressing a different view to yours. And with a good deal more intelligence.


4 Feb, 16:49

I was hardly ‘attacking’ you with any left wing agenda. I was coming at it from the POV of someone who can see reality biting in one of the worst hit areas of the country, and as the carer of a severely disabled young person who is being further disadvantaged by Tory cuts and general ignorance, along with her peers.

If the hardship of disabled people in poverty intimidates you, perhaps you should go out there and see what you can do to help them.

Rick Dutton

Rick Dutton
4 Feb, 16:50

Walaa, I would however offer a you a wake up moment. Do you remember what happened to the Tories last time? It was absolutely beautiful. Next round and spectacle I await with anticipation. The Tories have the upper hand at the moment, but I doubt even your own ‘property consultancy’ will survive the coming fiasco. I look forward to highlighting this post in the not too distant future and humming a little old favorite ditty ;)

Dave Plummer

Dave Plummer
4 Feb, 18:01

I’ll say one thing for the Tories: at least they show us the knife with which they are going to stab us. Labour hide it behind their back.

Paul Gardner

Paul Gardner
8 Feb, 09:39

“But this looks a tad coordinated and targeted.”

Walaa, if posting a single link on a Facebook page means something is “coordinated and targeted” then yes, you’re right in a way, but only in the sense that you fail to understand how the internet works. ;)

Gail started the petition and also created a Facebook page about it. A link was posted about your comment. That’s how people found their way to your blog. Nothing sinister about it, it’s all part of the rough and tumble of the blogosphere. ;)

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