Action speaks louder than words!

Posted 20 Feb 2012 by Walaa Idris

I can’t see what all the fuss is about over excluding those who disagree and object to any NHS Reforms from the Number 10 round table summit with the Prime Minster and Andrew Lansley. Especially as they (those excluded) have already made it perfectly clear where they stand on the issue. It makes good sense to talk to those who want to dialogue bring something new. And, no, it is not about only speaking with those who agree with you, it is about speaking with willing contributors, those who listen and want bring something to the table those who want to help move the matter forward one way or the other.

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Floyd Codlin

Floyd Codlin
20 Feb, 17:28

Walaa, there are some who oppose all of the changes…and there are some who say many of the changes need more consultation. Instead Lansley/Cameron has decided that anyyone outside the inner curlce is a dangerous millitant. It was Lansley/Cameron who chose to ignore expert advice from so many bodies both in and out of the NHS. The majority of those bodies btw are by no means left or even liberal

So, no doubt with unintended irony, the title of this blog is very apt when you say “Action speaks louder than words”! To get the original NHS bill through against the conservatism of the BMA in 1947, Beven talked of the Doctors mouths being “stuffed with gold”. This bill if/when it goes through will mean the govt saying to the sick “get stuffed”

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