With friends like this who needs enemies?

Posted 19 Dec 2012 by Walaa Idris

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I understand US President Barack Obama might feel as the leader of the free world and a friend to Britain he should have an opinion on internal sovereign matters concerning Britain, thus allowing himself to dictate what he sees is best for the British public!

His concern is admirable.

However, it is not rocket science to see why Obama would want the UK to stay put, even at a cost to her. To start with, its ideological – we have on this side of the Atlantic, our left saying the same: ‘Leave the European Union and expect total isolation…’ While most people see leaving the EU, the UK might initially have a slight wobble but it will grow better and stronger. Being able to trade freely and govern without restrictions will ultimately strengthen the UK’s economy and law making sovereignty.

The main reason Obama wants the UK to stay in the EU is for personal interest. He will be in the White House for another term and who best to keep an eye on Europe than his British buddies, even if staying in Europe meant they pay the price politically and economically! It is no skin of his nose.

What I find telling in all of this is the timing of the president’s comment – as only this week Cameron gave the strongest hint that an EU Exit is ‘imaginable’!

Watch this space.

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