Obama, Britain, the EU, advise…., not a good idea!

Posted 11 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

The first time President Obama advised Britain ‘it’s best if we stay in the European Union’ like many I thought it was a bit rich but also, albeit mildly, gave him the benefit of the doubt. Why mildly, well, because I neither trust him nor think it’s any of his business.

So when his administration said it was in the “American interest” for Britain to remain in the European Union. It became clear this whole US telling/asking/advising Britain to stay in the EU business has more to do with what’s right for the US not Britain.

Many in the past few days wrote and said a great deal about what they thought of Obama, his advice and the rest of it. But the general consensus is: “British policy on Europe is none of President Obama’s business, and he better keep out it.”

Moreover, if Obama and his administration understood European and British politics he/they would have realised that it’s not in the EU’s best interest to have either a powerful United States or a strong independent United Kingdom. Because the EU’s main aim is to have a strong defence and foreign policy which will ultimately rival NATO.

Socialist Obama needs to remember he is no match to socialist Europe. Obama is only one person with a dream only a couple of decades old, and a great deal of hope. While on the other hand, the EU is a much older, more established socialist institution that has been rearing and working in the European project for a very, very long time.

My advice to Mr Obama will be to first sort out his own economy, be happy with one legacy (Obamacare) and to never over estimate that ‘special relationship’

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