Immigration is like spices.

Posted 19 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

Every time an audience on TV or a member of the public on the street is asked their opinion on any issue, the viewers and the presenter expects an organic response – a frank and genuine unrehearsed from the heart answer.

In most issues we expect it and accept it. That is until the topic is immigration. There is no doubt Britain has benefited hugely from immigration and immigrants. Those benefits are visible, tangible and speak for themselves, so I will not recite any of them here. Immigration is like spices. Good spices in the right amount enhance the food giving it the desired taste and flavoring. Over doing it in anyway and it does the opposite; it destroys the taste and ultimately the dish itself.

That is why controlled, managed and monitored immigration is important. That is also why when we hear locals say immigrants destroyed our community, usually an organic impromptu response, our first reaction should not be racist so and so. We should first ask the questions why and how, look for the evidence and then decide if the person is a so….

The attacks for this write up, and during Question Time and on Twitter – mostly from the left – is the equivalent of burying one’s head in the sand.

As a live issue, immigration won’t go away or sort itself out if we simply wish it to. It is time lefties stop acting like jerks about the issue and debate it honestly and realistically, they owe it to themselves, this country and it’s people indigenous and migrants.

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