Eastleigh, why a die-hard Conservative would welcome a LibDem hold

Posted 28 Feb 2013 by Walaa Idris

In a few hours the polls will close on the Hampshire by- election of Eastleigh. The past three weeks have proved a week is indeed a long time in politics. In less than a month we had every possible political rivalry and trickery tossed at the campaigns and now their results are only a few hours away.

There are three possible outcomes and each has a different yet significant effect. Here is my take on them. The first outcome is a LibDem hold. The second a Tory win and the third UKip will pull a surprise protest win.

Going backwards, UKip winning will be good for the Coalition, because it will take the conflict pressure from the government while at the same time remind the two coalition partners to get their act together. The Tories need to unite and stop bickering, work as a team and remember what makes their party attractive is the main thing they seem to constantly be fighting over, and that is being a broad church – a home for diversity cemented in equal core values and beliefs. The reason Cameron weekly polls better than his party, is because he appeals to people inside and outside the party, and that is a good thing. Stop fighting it. On the other hand Libs need to get their house in order, sort out who said what when and not lose their nerve under pressure, or lose sight that outside the village of Westminster there is respect and appreciation for the party’s patriotic stance. Capitalize on it.

A Conservative win, is a short term victory for the party. It will boast moral for a few days but will damage the coalition and might even irreparably damage the Liberal Democrats. A fate probably cherished by a number of Tories, but it’s bad for the country, the economy, the reforms programs currently underway and will be an all-round failure that will only, in the long run, benefit the Labour Party. And that can never be a good thing.

However, a LibDem win is the status quo win. Plus it is good for the Libs; it will shut the media up, rise confidence in Nick Clegg inside and outside the party. Good for the Coalition, and the works planed by the two partners can carry on undisturbed to the end of this parliament.

I don’t feel disloyal about my feelings; because I believe during adverse times, such as times of wars and economic hardships, stability is key, which is why if my party does not win Eastleigh tonight I will be disappointed but at the same time relieved that things will stay their course until 2015.

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28 Feb, 19:51

Hahahaha that is really all i have to say about what you’re saying here,If the tories don’t win it’s a disaster for them especially with the Huhne & now Rennard & more importantly the deep mistrust of the public for Nick Clegg,If you can’t win this now Walaa you never will

The tories haven’t a chance of winning in 2015

alex sims

alex sims
28 Feb, 20:44

Excellent article – spot on analysis. Posibly a bit optimistic on the understanding and intelligence of the Great British Public. For example the first responder to you on here – what an intelligent person. Very unusual views – NOT – probably reads the Mail or that fountain of deep political views – The Manchester Evening News.


2 Mar, 11:36

Thanks Alex, lefties are only happy when the analysis suits them, otherwise it’s screaming and shouting, and name calling for those with little or no self-control.

I am used to it now ;)

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