This week’s BBC Question Time left me deflated and a little concerned.

Posted 19 Apr 2013 by Walaa Idris

Question Time

On the week we laid Baroness Thatcher to rest. I was hoping for a couple of strong impressive women on Question Time. But instead we got screaming bullies, two full of fluff and no substance and one had some good points but was more aggressive than assertive.

Sarah Teather saying her politics was formed out of opposing Thatcher, made her sound hollow and empty with nothing of her own. She came across as someone who had no self-belief but disliked all of Thatcher’s and just opposed them. To me Ms Teather belonged more in the Labour party than the LibDems.

On the other hand, Caroline ‘window dressing’ Flint sounded like a Labour party parrot. She peddled the usual party line with a great deal of amnesia about Labour’s legacy. Both, Flint and her party, are still in denial about what they did and didn’t do in 13 years of government, yet are quick to attack those who want to help and fix their mess.

Have to give Amanda Platell one thing, besides looking fresh with a serious dose of injectables, the woman knows her mind and is not afraid to speak it. Not mincing her words or holding back, she had no trouble shouting over everyone to be heard and make her point.

However, on the week we said goodbye to the country’s only female Prime Minster and its most impressive peace time PM. I was hoping at least one female panelist will be impressive enough to command silence when she speaks without needing to shout like a playground bully. Have an original thought. And leave us feeling Maggie might be gone, but her daughters are alive and strong, they will carry the torch and pass on her strength, conviction and courage.

But I was left flat and thinking that Maggie might just be a once in a lifetime phenomenon.


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A Day of Reflection and Remembrance

Posted 17 Apr 2013 by Walaa Idris

Lady Thatcher

Rest in Peace Maggie!


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What nonsense!

Posted 15 Apr 2013 by Walaa Idris

Baroness Thatcher

Of course Margret Thatcher greatly influenced and supported women. Maybe not in the ‘Women Only’ short lists or women quotas’ and the engineered proportionalities of today politically correct tick box support, she did it leading by example. She was a grocers’ daughter who joined the Conservative party, became its first female leader, and won her first general election to become the country’s first female prime minster. She won three consecutive general elections, consecutively increasing her popular vote! Her lifelong work and dedication inspired many, and sorting the nation’s economy supported and saved the future of many from permanent decline.

For women who aspire to break into male dominated professions and those who want to move up the ladder on merit, she is and continues to be to their hero. These women take their inspiration from her drive and achievements, her resolve and meticulous no nonsense can do attitude. She empowered not only women, but minorities everywhere from all backgrounds to believe in themselves and go after their dreams.

People and specially women who say she did not help or further women and their causes are disingenuous. Unless by ‘help and further’ they mean holding women’s hands and expecting men to step aside and make room to allow women to comfortably climb up the ladder….

These women don’t want to be inspired. They want leaders to manipulate the rules and lower the bar for them so they can step up. They want to be equal by inequality. It might give the desired image and statistics but it will never be equal or measured on ability nor will it command the same respect.

I defy any woman who made it via some specialist list or programme in politics or commerce to stand up to a male counterpart and fully feel his equal. If she did she is deceiving no one but herself. Baroness Thatcher and women like her never have to question their equality because they know they got there on merit.


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Is it culture or politics that makes someone delight in someone’s death?

Posted 10 Apr 2013 by Walaa Idris

I am sure when the time comes; no Tory leader will need to advise his MPs to respond respectfully to the death of a former Labour Prime Minster or figurehead. For Ed Miliband to feel the need to urge his MPs to respond to Lady Thatcher’s death in a respectful manner is shocking. And it says more about Labour, the kind of people that follows and supports it than the great lady and her legacy.

Don’t get me wrong, the capacity to hate and wish ill on those we hate is in all of us. It’s as old as and as common a feeling as the ability to love, feel rosy and fluffy about those we admire. However, neither feeling is an issue here; the issue is the ability to exercise restraint, common human decency and appropriate self-control befitting the occasion itself. This ability is not genetic but learned, taught from an early age and perfected by practice then passed down the generations. Which makes one wonder whose responsibility is it, the society, the state or the family? My bet is on the family.

For years now, we’ve been hearing about the Tory being the nasty party. Recent actions, from holding street parties, to not respectfully lowering flags in some Labour held local authorities not to mention some of the comments on social and the regular media from prominent Labour politicians showed a nastiness from the left prehistoric in its venomousness.

No amount of discontent and dismay merits dancing on anyone’s grave. No religion, culture or any civilised society condone the tasteless celebrations of someone’s death. And no respectable group or organization should accept and allow any of it to be done in their name. It’s discourteous to everyone but mostly to our nation, to Britain. And that’s what pains me, not disliking Thatcher and her politics, but the ugliness and its vigour is embarrassing and impossible to reconcile with as a human-being.


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Farewell Maggie!

Posted 9 Apr 2013 by Walaa Idris

Baroness Thatcher

Although my life in the UK did not begin until the early 1990s, like many girls and women of my time all over the world, Margret Thatcher had greatly influenced me. Not in the political sense but in the woman can do whatever she sets her mind to do sense.

Thatcher was a woman who broke the glass ceiling and did it in style, with hard work, dedication and conviction. She got there on merit, a strong sense of duty and a passion for public service. Rose to the top of British politics with a lion-hearted love for Britain then dominated the world stage with championing and exporting liberty, equality and the best of Britain. Not a feminist herself but did more for women confidence than feminism did or can ever do. Never one to use short cuts or shy away from challenges, she stayed true to herself, her gender and her principles both in triumph and adversity.

The Baroness was a woman who polarised opinions and divided them, but she equally commanded the respect and admiration of those who agreed and disagreed with her. Her legacy will always be her love and devotion for this nation. Her memory will always be the Iron Lady.

Rest in peace my lady, you will always be in our hearts and minds. As a Briton you will forever be remembered for your courage, steadfastness and leadership. As a woman your eternal legacy will be “If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.”

We love you and will miss you.


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What kind of One Nation is Mr Miliband hoping to create!?

Posted 29 Dec 2012 by Walaa Idris

I never understood the venomous hatred that emanates from some lefties every time Lady Thatcher makes the headline news. It happened just before Christmas when Mrs Thatcher was admitted to hospital due to ill health and again yesterday when the government released thirty year old documents charting events that happened during her time as Prime Minster.

Both times, like the times before, regardless of the news subject once the great lady’s name is mentioned these individuals lose all self-control and decency plus every ounce of self-respect. They become like hounds at the scent of blood, all they want is the lifeblood of their prey.

We are where we are today, socially and economically as a result of Labour’s policies.

Our welfare systems, NHS, banks, immigration policies, and social injustices …, need fixing due to these policies. Labour does not like to hear it, the public is tired of hearing it and the government is sick of repeating it but we have a duty and must continue saying it.

For thirteen years, the policies that destroyed this country were made and implanted by a Labour government lead by Labour Prime Ministers and politicians. As a result of these policies, today, many businesses are forced to close, thousands of families have lost their homes and millions young and old are jobless, some might never work again and some will find it impossible to get work in the future. Schools produce illiterate students who cannot read, write or count; the Army is stretched senselessly over an impossible war. The country is bursting at the seams with illegal immigrants deliberately invited by Labour not to mention we are now forced to cutback and reduce spending just to stay afloat.

All that was Labour’s doing and is their legacy.

However, I never once heard any Conservative wish Tony Blair or Gordon Brown ill health or death, nor heard a Tory councillor publicly announce on Twitter, Facebook or via a Blog they will have a party and dance on their grave when they die.

While the adversity felt is equal, what shocks me is the clear divide in emotional intellect and restraint. But what truly puzzles me is that most of these thuggish lefties are actually elected and approved representatives of the Labour party. How is that not wrong!?

What kind of One Nation is Mr Miliband hoping to create!?

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