Maria Eagle MP has some nerve blaming this government for Labour’s mistakes.

Posted 2 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

Maria Eagle MP

Today’s Rail Fair rises are disheartening to commuters all over the country. As a capitalist I am all for business and services flourishing, they are the backbone of our economy and their success is our success, but I also believe in compassion and common sense.

That is why I feel torn between the Rail Companies need to raise needed funds to improve infrastructure and services without burdening the tax bill while at the same time not over squeezing an already burdened commuter. In cases like this striking a balance is always difficult and the current economic environment makes it even harder.

Understandably today’s increase is a blow to those who need to commute to work, those who want to reduce their Carbon Footprint and everyone who regularly use trains to get around. But for Labour’s Maria Eagle – Shadow Secretary of State for Transport – to blame ONLY this government is disingenuous and barmy. Today’s fair increase is the tenth consecutive annual rise which means these increases started back in 2003 when her own party was in government and continued to rise in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007…,all the way to 2010 under a Labour administration.

What Ms Eagle needs to do is explain why Labour did nothing about the continued upsurge for eight successive years and where did all that money go?


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