Miliband wants us to welcome his One Nation New Old Labour.

Posted 12 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

In an attempt to return to Old Labour without calling it a return to Old Labour, Ed Miliband says Old and New Labour are not relevant and what’s relevant is One Nation Labour.

I fully understand Miliband’s desire to reach out to all segments of the society and to distinguish himself from his party two most recent leaders. One of whom he doesn’t quite admire and the other is too toxic for anyone to associate with. The name ‘One Nation Labour’ besides being a mouth full can also be confusing. Mr Miliband’s Labour, not being New Labour or Old Labour, when technically Old Labour is only just Labour but became Old Labour when New Labour became the new Labour all sounds too disloyal. You see why he should just stick to calling his party Labour without the adjectives?

The problem with politicians today, is they hire these spin doctors to revamp their image and give them new identities, thinking it’s what attracts the voters. No, that was clever and worked well in the last century before people became too sceptical and had information at the tip of their fingers. Now, in the austere new millennia with all it’s at hand on the move technology, spinning is just an expensive vanity.

Today, people judge politicians and political parties on their actions, on what they promise and how they deliver it and they do it on the spot. So by the time spinners spin, it’s already too late.

Miliband saying his party is now One Nation also means that it wasn’t before!

And that can be very dangerous, as it does not allow him to go forward as a ‘One Nation Labour’ without having to fully denounce everything his old party did in the past. And unless he is prepared to deplore everything Labour did up to 2010 both good and bad, he will have a serious challenge with the identity of ‘his Labour’. Even I, as a Conservative, I am pretty sure the Labour party with all its warts did some good somewhere, I shan’t be citing any of it, but how on earth can One Nation Miliband claim any of them?

You see where I’m coming from!? I don’t think Miliband et ell have thought that one through!


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