Labour does not care about people; they just want to control them.

Posted 31 Dec 2013 by Walaa Idris

Those who care about people empower them.

Never understood the left’s logic in taxing people then pay them back their own money in Tax Credit! When it makes sense and is more cost effective to just increase the lower tax threshold. And allow lower earners to keep most of their own money. It is no secret that people from all walks of life enjoy keeping more of their own hard earned cash, plus most people know better than any government how best to manage and spend their own bread.

And that my friends, is a known FACT.

If Labour, as they claim, are the party of ‘the common people’ then they will back lower taxes and reducing preventable public spending measures, especially in the current economic climate because they hurt those on lower incomes more than high earners. But we know Labour’s aim is not improving public services or empowering people. Their goal is to control. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. The party of wealth redistribution does not believe in people, or trust they can do more for themselves and their betterment. Lefties rather people work less live on government giving and stay dependent and controlled.

For weeks now, since the announcement of the 1% rise cap on benefits, all we read and hear from Labour politicians and lefty pundits is “The benefit cap will disadvantage the strives and hard working families, who will find it hard to stay in work if Tax Credit is reduced. ”

That sentence speaks volumes – there lies our welfare disaster – the dependency culture conceived, produced and reared by Labour.

When staying at work is financially less rewarding than being jobless, then something is seriously very, very, wrong!

I can’t see any reasonable person disagreeing here.


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