A lifelong Conservative

Walaa has been a lifelong Conservative, though the good years and the bad, and has been a card-carrying member of the Conservative Party since June 2000.

She was elected Chairman of Hans Town Ward of the Kensington, Chelsea & Fulham Conservatives Association for three terms, during which she increased party membership, increased the total vote to 87% (2006 local elections) and helped win the mayoralty in 2008.

Walaa’s campaign experience extends to the U.S. where she campaigned for Dan Quayle during his U.S. Senate race. She was a member of Warwick Lightfoot’s Lightfoot for London campaign team (responsible for Media) in the 2007 Primary to select the Conservative Candidate for Mayor of London.

Walaa has focused on helping with projects where she can use her unique business and international background. As a member of the Conservative Business Relation (CBR) team she coordinated the Corporate Day for the 2007 Party Conference.

Walaa has also forged links on behalf of the party with Arab embassies across London and has researched a number of diversity issues.