One month anniversary!

Posted 28 Dec 2009 by Walaa Idris

A month ago today I wrote my first ever blog, a journey that I was unsure about, but embarked on anyways. I know it is still early days and I am still finding my feet, however blogging has been rewarding in many ways, so much so, that my fears are not what they were 31 days ago.

On 27 June 2000, I became a bona fide card carrying Conservative, the date is engraved in my mind because that week was a life changing week for me. After nine years of waiting my naturalisation was finial and my nationality certificate arrived in the post. Becoming a fully fledged Brit was and remains a big deal for me, it’s an honour and privilege like no other, being an active and concerned citizen is a duty and the least I can do to repay back that right.

When my daughters were still small my only political involvement was some leafleting and attending the odd local function. That changed in 2005, I became more active before and during the general election. But when we lost for the third consecutive time I was shocked and angry and decided to do more and become more involved. By then my family was much older and needed me less – actually they welcomed ‘me’ not being as involved in their lives and enjoyed the space my extra activities afforded them. With time my interests evolved and with it my desire to do and give more.

About six month ago I started thinking that I would like to be more effective, give and participate more in the debate. Blogging was the most obvious route to take, but for many reasons I was not too sure that it will be the right route for me to take. First was my English (grammar, spelling and I type at snail pace) is not that great. The commitment of having to blog daily was very daunting, what if I ran out of relevant things to say and write about? Reading other blogs did not help either, they all sounded so fluent and fluid (with no spelling or grammatical mistakes). Plus when you put anything on paper it becomes a permanent record. If you are not careful, it can come back and hunt you later. The responsibility of blogging looked huge and overwhelming. Did I want all that? Six month ago the answer was a big fat NO.

Four month later my frustration returned but this time it came back with a vengeance. So I decided if I was to contribute and hopefully make even a minute difference to the debate then I need to step up and stick my neck out. As for the rest, well, I plan to exercise some discipline, a lot of patience, self control and try to always, always be fair honest and spin free in whatever I write.
I am a Tory make no mistake, but I am able to see fairly and honestly the other point of view. In politics we are all after the same thing. Parties on all sides the political debate are after what’s good and right for our country, our community, our planet and all mankind, the only difference is how we each go about it. The difference is in our beliefs and the ideologies we employ to achieving that good.

For me blogging is a tall order but I am up to the challenge, and I will no doubt make mistakes, but if and when I make them I am brave and honest enough to admit and own up to them. There are a few people (you know who you are) that I would like to thank for encouraging and cheering me on, thank you!

26 blog posts ago I was not sure if I can or even enjoy writing (I used to hate composition and writing essays in school), but now I look forward to blogging everyday if only Sister Josephina– my elementary English teacher- can see me now.

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