Posted 23 Nov 2010 by Walaa Idris

Love it or loath it has changed our world and lives!

Like many parents I was introduced to FB by my daughters, at first I could not get my head around it and needed their assistant and they were brilliant. Unaware that one of the main reasons I signed up was to keep a loving yet watchful eye on them – albeit a distant and discreet one but mama needed to know!

Soon I became a fan; and discovered how fantastic and fascinating a communication tool it is. Via Facebook I found relatives I did not know I had and old school chums I lost through the years. And, at the same time set myself a little platform, a soap box via which I communicated with like minded people and some not on the same wave length. You can say Facebook has become a friend and a good one at that.

However I can’t say the same thing about every user. Judging by today’s paper there are still some people out there who treat their ‘wall’ like their own living room, a private and personal space where they can say whatever they want and expect no consequences. They are wrong; as a Facebook update has claimed another victim today, Bishop Peter Broadbent was asked to step down, before him it was the Sunderland city council, deputy leader, and her horrible remarks, even the Israeli Army has put FB to good use and today found draft dodgers via Facebook updates.

FB is a great tool if you know were to draw the line especially as it is getting even bigger each day but for loss canons it is a very dangerous minefield.

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