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Posted 25 Nov 2010 by Walaa Idris

Most of us political enthusiast get more enjoyment out of watching, listening and reading about politics than your average Joe. For me PMQs is a weekly ritual, so when I miss it live I try to catch it on BBC Parliament as I did last night. It was a vibrant and very lively session, but the one thing that stood out for me was a gesture, a facial expression Red Ed made when David Cameron remarked the first time about him starting on a blank sheet of paper. It stood out because it was very childlike and he obviously took it to heart and maybe even personally.

Then this morning Lord Ashcroft had a write up on ConHome on why Tories should not give Red Ed any attention, which covered the political side of how ignoring him well be a good tactic and as Ashcroft put it;“It is hard enough for an Opposition leader to make himself heard – why help to bring him to public attention? Tory attacks would also help to galvanise and unite what is by all accounts a rather dejected and divided Labour Party.”

I agree and think there is also an added benefit to ignoring Ed Miliband; it’s clear that he loves and craves attention more than your average politician. If we look deep into the Milibros we’ll see in David a naturally charismatic older brother who effortlessly walked through every door to get to where he wanted to be, and a younger not so magnetic Edward who is always in his older brother’s shadows constantly wrestling to be noticed and then when he finally gets the big prize it only highlights their dissimilarity and the huge gulf between them!

Ed the person will wilt without the attention that he so much lusts and longs for, and ignoring him will be the best line of attack for the Coalition partners to unite behind.

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