Is it time to pop the question?

Posted 15 Feb 2011 by Walaa Idris

In the past I paid very little attention to the EU because its politics, rules and laws always looked like an octopus, too many arms with too many suction cups floating all over the place in all directions. However, I was always and still am uncomfortable that they dictated most of our laws without us having much say in the matter even when we openly objected or said no, it didn’t matter. For that reason at times I feel the pro Europe brigade can be somewhat unpatriotic.

Before I go any further, let me make clear a couple of things. I do appreciate that we share a lot with the union and we need it just as much as it needs us. However, the sharing process should be mutual and on equal footing – plus it should be welcomed and blessed by the majority on both sides. That’s why, when I hear more and more people on either side of the political debate complain about this relationship – even though they complain about different aspect of the union – I can’t help but wonder and ask why, and what for?

At late, it’s becoming more and more evident that we in the UK are not 100 percent happy with our relationship with the EU and because of that, this feeling need to be addressed. The question is how do we address it, the obvious method is by a referendum – but referendums are costly in both time and money. Plus in this occasion Westminster and the political class are not all that keen on holding one.

We now know and have been assured by our Prime Minster that we’ll never enter the Euro; he also promised the country will never give away any more powers without our consent. Plus this government will ensure that by law no future government can hand over areas of power to the EU or join the Euro without a referendum of the British people – but that’s for the future. Some people and I happen to be one of them, feel Europe have already taken away too many powers – so what about those powers that we want back? How can we get them back and do we even have a say in the matter?

Isn’t it time for the UK to be bold and address the real issue of Europe – it is the elephant in every room these days – despite the economic turmoil we live in the Europe question is in all of our minds. Won’t a referendum on an In or Out be a good starting place because its outcome will set the foundation for the UK’s demands and who knows it might even save us having any further referendums.

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Edward Green

Edward Green
15 Feb, 20:20

Actually they do not dictate most of our laws. That is variously a myth or a deliberate lie promulgated by those who argue for our leaving the EU.

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