Keep First Past The Post!

Posted 24 Feb 2011 by Walaa Idris


There are a few problems with the NO2AV campaign and if those stirring, managing and heading it are not careful, we might find ourselves using the Alternative Vote come the next General Election and the liberals pushing for Proportional Representation as a main condition to form a coalition a few days after another hung parliament.

Scary!? You bet ya!

However, it can easily be avoided – and although, in my humble opinion, a few things didn’t happen when they should have, we still have a lot to play for.

Last week Cameron gave a strong and compelling speech on why he supports the NO2AV camp. That speech should have been the launch pad for the NO campaign, it had many great sound bits that should by now have been on every tongue, many posters and hand outs and on every campaigning email to supporters and grassroots. After the speech many people came forward to help in the campaign except many had no one to guide them through to the next step.

On top of that I’m beginning to get the feeling the campaign is using the wrong tone and the message sent is not powerful enough. Similar to saying “No to the Euro” – that wouldn’t have worked as well as “Keep the Pound” – a positive argument is always a better more powerful argument.

Because positive matters and it matters a lot – especially at a time when the word “NO” is associated with cuts, downsizing and changing what has been around and familiar for over a decade.

That’s why our campaign should not focus only on the phase “NO to AV” but entwine it with “Keep First Past the Post” and highlight its merits. A more positive argument with a very clear emphasis on FPTP is more appealing and at the same time will dramatically reduce the use and the mention of AV by the NO side – which in itself is a bonus!

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Keith Underhill

Keith Underhill
24 Feb, 14:32

Yes keep first past the post people who are too stupid to realize which candidates are the main runners in their own constituency don’t deserve to have their votes counted!

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