Enough already!

Posted 14 Mar 2011 by Walaa Idris


The problem with Ken Livingston standing for London Mayor in 2012, is Ken Livingston himself.

He’s been there; done it and the people of London said thanks but no thanks, we don’t want you any more. Of course he thinks he can still do a good job and he probably believes he can do a better job than the current mayor is doing. But his brand of tax more and spend more is outdated and unsuitable for our times. Ken Livingston is a goodtime mayor, who thinks the banks and the financial industry – even at the expense of the city losing them – should be taxed to death and be made to pay through their noses for working and living in London, because according to him they can be replaced by tourism and green industries. What a load of baloney!

On top of that, and although he is standing for London to represent Londoners his whole premise is wrong. Livingston’s main focus and aim in 2012 seems to be in fighting the current government – forgetting that although London is currently run by a conservative mayor – it is neither the government, nor is it given any special concessions over other cities in the country. In other words, everything Boris achieved for London, he fought hard to get and keep. That makes Livingston’s central piece and the heart of his fight “giving the coalition government a bloody noise” flawed and misguided.

London is a great city, one of the greatest and most attractive cities to visit and live in worldwide and because of that it deserves and needs a mayor who is first and foremost a Londoner, a head who will champion and put her first and everything else including what party he belongs to last.

In the past, Mr Livingston’s socialist take on matters made him divide the city into inner and outer London and the fallout from that is still fresh in peoples’ mind today. Listening to him, he sounds intend on picking up where he left off. Saying to the BBC’s Politics Show: “I don’t spend my time agonising over the past” is exactly what’s wrong with the Livingston project. He should have spend his time away from office (if he was really serious about coming back) looking at and learning form his past mistakes and hopefully finding ways to avoid repeating them. But acting as if the voters gave him time-off for four year is ludicrous and it makes you wonder – what was Labour thinking!?

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