Barack Obama, the Sequel

Posted 5 Apr 2011 by Walaa Idris

Barack Obama

Yesterday President Barack Obama announced he will be seeking re-election and wants four more years on the job – and here I thought he didn’t really like or enjoyed his job. Yes, I did for all of one minute; think the president couldn’t wait for this term to end so he can retire on a good pension to a nice villa in Hawaii with all the trappings of ex US presidents. Why? Well many times during this presidency he acted – more than any other president – so fed up and out of depth with the whole Commander in Chief business. That’s why I thought he might rather spend his time doing what he enjoys most, giving speeches, playing golf, swimming in the sea, travelling the world and doing what comes natural to him. Then I remembered he also loves and enjoys campaigning!

In 2008 the Democrats had the advantage and excitement of a fresh face and a two terms, two wars incumbent before the financial and economic crises even came into play. This time Obama has a record to defend and broken promises to explain. And although the fight back will not include his association with dodgy questionable religious types or even his Birth Certificate (which I gather is still an ongoing issue for many) he still needs to worry about the millions he disappointed and let down, those who believed and expected him to turn things around for them and those who believed ”Change is coming to America” – which actually did, except it wasn’t the kind of change America needed or had in mind!

And although some of Obama’s mistakes are textbook rookie-mistakes, it’s his attitude and inability to compromise, learn from them and or work with others that make him a good target and a perfect aim.

The GOP don’t know who will be their candidate yet – and assuming this is a one heat run for the president – nevertheless, and as things stand now, they have the upper hand and are at an advantage. Republicans have four years worth of armoury to use, plus this time besides being on the offence they are building on a stronger midterm.

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