Time for every U.S. Conservative to stand solid behind their man

Posted 6 Oct 2012 by Walaa Idris

Mitt Romney

Unlike many on both sides of the Atlantic, I was not at all surprised by Mitt Romney’s performance on his first presidential debate. He is a business man who built and managed successful businesses and a governor who turned around his state’s bad economy and left it a success. His opponent on the other hand has never build or managed anything before becoming president and from the debate it was clear that has not changed during his four years in the White House.

Therefore, Romney doing well was not a shock nor was Obama doing poorly without a professionally prepared script and a teleprompter. To me, in that regard, the first debate was a nonevent!

However, what the debate did, which I think was quite significant, is bring to the forefront the true character of the two men. While Romney came across as warm, engaging and welling to answer all questions put to him. The President seemed forced and uneasy, at times even lazy and disengaged. He appeared as if he had to be somewhere else and was held back by the debate.

This debate also exposed the truth about a few media myths; the notion that Romney and his policies will disadvantage the middle classes, the disabled and seniors ……, were all quashed.

That is why I hope and think; Republicans should unashamedly capitalise on these revelations and build on them. They should also 100% rally around their candidate, put to one side all their ‘detailed’ differences (because fundamentally a conservative is a conservative) and focus primarily on winning the presidential election.

And keep in mind, a Romney win is no small potatoes, just as a second term of Obama will have some serious irreversible consequences to the America we all know, love and admire so much.

The cost is too high for Conservatives to squabble amongst themselves and overlook the bigger picture. Therefore, my fellow conservatives, I urge you, use this surge, build on it to put Mitt Romney in the White House this November.

And PS, don’t let the latest jobless figures (drop from 8.1% to 7.8%) distract you, putting aside their opportune timing, the number of people on Food Stamps is still alarmingly high and continuous to rise.

God Bless you all and God Bless America

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