Thank you Mr Cameron for pledging a referendum

Posted 24 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

Cameron EU Speech

Love the timing, the content and the effect Cameron’s EU speech had on everyone form the party faithful to the opposition and everyone in-between. Party poopers might say it won’t have happened had it not been for UKIP putting pressure and Tory Eurosceptics rebelling – but who cares? If that was the nudge Mr Cameron needed, then hurray. Both did well. Nonetheless, David Cameron has always been a pragmatic Eurosceptic and this speech was coming one way or another.

Regardless of when the Prime Minister gave the speech, the EU issue needed addressing. Our relationship was/is becoming difficult and at times even toxic. With the economy in turmoil and every nation inside and outside the union is looking for ways to survive and improve for the future – addressing our relationship is part of the collective reforms everyone in the region is undergoing. The EU question might for some be at the bottom of their list of important issues – but when many decisions are still made and governed by Brussels – the cost of these issues becomes very important.

Some people see the speech as a gamble, but I disagree. And here’s why. On the domestic front, Cameron has one, pulled the rug from under UKIP – they can no longer goad the Tories on the referendum issue. And two, Miliband’s Labour has ruled giving the British public any referendum – some Labourites would like us to believe this ‘No EU Referendum’ promise is just for ‘now’ – but I think it is safe to say “Labour Denies Britain a Referendum” has a nice ring to it come 2015.

On the international stage, the US and Obama now know their place. As for Europe, now, they have little choice but to take us seriously, listen to the British people and try to at least meet half way. When it comes to those who think Britain is ‘not that important’ and Europe will not care if we leave or stay – better think again. We are extremely important, Britain is vital to the union in trade, defence, agriculture and fishery. If in doubt, just check the French’s reaction to the speech. The EU and the world know and appreciate our importance, its high time we too know and embrace it.

But most of all, by being on the side of the British public David Cameron has put the Conservative Party and conservatism in a strong position separating it from Labour and the others.

Tory Eurosceptics can now relax and rally behind their leader, after all we have an economy to fix, promises to deliver and an election to win outright and none of that is possible with a disunited party.

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24 Jan, 17:04

Walaa you are living in cloudcuckooland if you think this will help your party. Short term gain,long term disaster.

David Cameron has done this,not in the national interest but in his selfish party interest&to see off UKIP because he’s scared to death of them. The delay will kill him as Labour will win the election anyway as Europe will not be the major issue at the general election no matter how hard you tories try to make it.Less than 10% mention it on the doorstep!

A referendum with the conditions he has set won’t work.Now you and every tory who has been asked the question but cant answer since the speech yesterday can deny it but i know,you know,the whole god damn EU knows that the other 26 member states aren’t going to allow us to dictate to them on what bits we like & get rid of the stuff we don’t NO CHANCE. Threatening to leave is student politics at its worst. Cameron knows this & is merely trying to buy time in a very difficult few years ahead but it will fail.

Once those MPs who cheered him on yesterday realise he’s sold them a dud they’ll revolt AGAIN wanting more & more.Already Philip Davies has come out & argued that at least 100 Tory MPs will campaign for a NO vote yet Cameron&the cabinet for a YES vote so far from being united,You’re all over the place.

To see off UKIP you needed to do a straight IN/OUT with no conditions & before the General Election so in my opinion nothing has changed in the Tory V UKIP fight as UKIP are the only anti EU party.

You will i have no doubt get a poll bounce from this but it won’t last as the realities of the failing Plan A deepen(IMF saying Plan B needed,Tories always love to quote the IMF).

Cameron gave up his modernising agenda yesterday Walaa & bizarrely moved away from the centre,just like William Hague & IDs did & look what happened to them as leaders.

I’ll just sit back & wait for Europe to,yet again, destroy the tories. Tom Bradby of ITN said yesterday ‘If Cameron doesn’t get the renegotiations he wants from the EU he’s just placed a bomb underneath his party’

BOOM!!! :)


26 Jan, 10:08

Cameron may also be pulling the rug from under the SNP to an extent – Scots who want out of Europe are more likely to vote NO in the Indy referendum 2014,for a shout at the EU referendum in 2017?

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