David Cameron, Britain’s champion and her hero!

Posted 1 Jul 2014 by Walaa Idris

Lefties are trying their hardest to paint Prime Minister Cameron negatively for opposing Jean-Claude Juncker’s election as EU president. Sadly for them, the exact opposite is happening – European leaders’ are exposed, Cameron’s approval rating is increasing, and polls are narrowing in favour of the Conservatives.

For many weeks, Labourites went on and on about how Cameron is making a mockery of himself and the UK, and is risking everything by his vocal opposition to Juncker’s selection. Even Ukip – who just wants Britain to simply leave the EU – got on the act and Farage (siding with lefties) gave his two cents on the matter!

But in their blind obsession with the PM not succeeding, they failed to see that for the first time since joining the EU, Britain had a champion, and a leader who wasn’t afraid to speak up for what’s best for her at all costs. They failed to see a leader who didn’t care what Europe thought but passionately tended to what the UK wanted and needed – a Prime Minister who was fighting Britain’s corner and putting her first.

In standing alone against the rest of the EU, David Cameron proved that he is the leaders who listens. He listened to what the voters said and did what they wanted – British voters want the EU to reform and he stood solid against electing a conformist.

Cameron’s historic carriage highlighted Labour’s weakness, Europe’s dangerous arrogance, plus it prepared the ground for a referendum on the EU.

Like most, I see the benefits of our membership and don’t just want to leave Europe, I want reforms but very happy to leave if Britain doesn’t get what she needs. From where I am standing the only leader who can offer me that is Britain’s champion, Prime Minister David Cameron.


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Walaa’s Weekly Wrap-Up ~ March 14th, 2014 ~A Conservatives Special

Posted 15 Mar 2014 by Walaa Idris

Open letter to all members of the Conservative party!

Dear friends,

We are a broad church and an inclusive party. That’s what makes us strong and diverse. It’s also what gives us our unique ability to empathise with everyone and allows us to appreciate complex situations where other parties dogmatically fail to comprehend simple differences. It is what makes us vehemently disagree with people like the late Bob Crow yet respectfully acknowledge his positives to eulogise him after his shocking death.

It is what allows us to see the good in every person and an opportunity in every challenge.

Unlike the left we never, in anger and hate celebrate anyone’s death no matter what they did personally to us or collectively to our nation.

We are decent Brits, who see the good, appreciate individuality and respect differences. We are the Conservative Party.

We are always proud of our values, and unafraid to speak our mind in any and every occasion, even if it means speaking against one another. We are feverous in our love to our country and patriotic to a fault. As a family, internally speaking against one another is healthy and can be constructive. But to the outside, as a governing party, it is distracting and can be destructive.

I sometimes feel some members, especially those who are elected members (people whom the media listens to and quotes, and those who have a responsibility to lead by example) still don’t understand that we are in a coalition and as a party have not ‘fully’ gained power since 1992. I also feel they (this particular group) don’t appreciate that getting elected is like a muscle if you don’t train and use it enough it can grow weak and loses its full strength – and we need a Conservative victory.

Let’s face it; up to 2010 we were in the middle of a dry winning spree. We broke that spell with winning more votes and seats but not enough to go it alone. That was a positive because with some compromises (the cost of not winning enough and needing to govern in a partnership) we managed to implement a great deal of our promises.

The reforms we introduced in welfare, education, the NHS and the work George Osborne did in fixing the economy and improving its outlook should give us the support and confidence we need to win outright in 2015. It should be the foundation and catalyst that helps us return a Conservative government.

But instead of working towards that and uniting behind it, instead of pointing out the good we achieved such as better pensions, a stronger economy, 2 million out of paying income tax altogether, higher income tax (45%) for high earners, lower unemployment, lower youth joblessness and all the wonderful work our party has achieved in coalition under the leadership of David Cameron…

It seems, some are busy daily generating negative and divisive headlines, because they don’t like one policy or one person or the way that person is doing things. These individuals are acting as if they don’t know how democracy works!

Daily, whether directly or indirectly these individuals are allowing our enemies to chip at our unity and show us in a negative light to the nation and the electorate. And to think, not that long ago, we saw what this type of propaganda can do and actually did to Gordon Brown!

That is why we need to quit our bickering and quit it now.

The backbiting, private ‘form insiders’ anti Conservatives briefings needs to stop because it will ONLY hurt us and our chances in next year’s election.

We need to ‘temporarily’ forget about the members we lost and who we lost them to. Put aside our differences and focus on motivating and keeping the members we currently have, attracting new and old members back and promote our successes and achievements in this government. We need be positive, speak only positives, contentiously talk about our achievements and put all our energies in winning the next general election outright and returning David Cameron as the Prime Minster in 2015.

Thank you

Sincerely yours

Walaa Idris


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Three points I feel will either make or break our party.

Posted 10 May 2013 by Walaa Idris

David Cameron

After UKIP’s serge and the Conservatives less than brilliant performance in the County Council elections earlier this month, I think I now know why the Tories are in trouble.

It has nothing to do with toffs, Etonians and the rest of it. Also my concern here is not with Labour, the LibDems or even UKIP, what they did, are about to do or not do. It’s with my own party whom I see again sleep walking down the self-destruct road.

This might sound unconventional. But from where I am standing, we have three major problems that need addressing if we want to be taken seriously and win the next election.

The first one is easy. We need to talk and listen to each other, do it regularly and remember we are a broad church and that is one of our biggest assets.

I don’t know how we can quite achieve it, but our internal communication sucks and needs to change. We need to take the focus off being on message and put it on being connected and in tune with each other. The type of in tune when one begins a sentence the rest know where that message is going. Once we achieve that sense of togetherness and unity the second point will easily follow.

Next we need to get our mojo back. We need to get back that late 2005, early 2006 feeling when we first elected David Cameron. Get back that winners feeling. There is nothing wrong with winning and wanting to win. Yet we keep talking about losing and dress it up as being realistic. Realistic my foot!? Two years before the election we write ourselves off and call it realistic. No, that’s defeatist and pitiful.

We need our excitement and that sense of winning-ness we had about us back.

Dave is still the same ‘Blue is the new Green’ ‘Huskies drawn sledge’ ‘A List’ guy who will control, monitor and reduce immigration, and repatriate powers back from Europe we loved and admired so much before 2010. We need to think like a family and find a way to love him same as we did back then. Think of our relationship like a marriage we are a little bored with and even not too happy in but we badly need to work and strive at making it succeed.

The final thing we must do is to just stop wanting a new leader, period. Call it killing ambition, lack of vision whatever you like, but all this wannabe leaders are killing our party and if not careful they will soon be leading ghosts in a morgue. They are killing us with their arrogance and selfishness, and it needs to stop.

We need just this one time to accept what we have better and build it up.

Trust me, we have the best leader around, if you don’t believe me then believe the polls. He is the best leader for the country and our party. He is the best leader out of all the other parties’ leaders. Believe me when I say there is no one out there better than David Cameron for this country and the Conservative party.


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Every once in a while Cameron reminds us what a shrewd operator he can be!

Posted 2 May 2013 by Walaa Idris

David Cameron

At first glance, David Cameron promising to legislate for a referendum before 2015 might seem like a knee jerk lurch to the right to combat UKIP’s surge. It’s timing, the sudden change of heart, all spells a face-saving exercise to satisfy the hard right of his party while it also deflects any negative from today’s county council election results.

But if we look closely and put cynicism to one side, we can see that he is actually testing and to some extend trapping both Labour and his coalition partners.

The EU referendum while not a pressing issue in itself, it is nonetheless a very important one.

If we ask people what issues concern them today, a referendum will not feature in anyone’s list of the top three matters they need this government to tackle and sort out. But if we ask the question directly “do you want a referendum” the answers will be an overwhelming yes.

That means there is a genuine appetite amongst the public for a referendum bill.

It also means, by offering a vote before 2015, the PM puts himself and the Tories on the right side of a popular issue. While at the same time he leaves Clegg and Miliband in a compromised position. If they agree with him, they have nothing to fear. But then Cameron is the peoples’ man who listens, reacts and acts to the public’s needs. However, if either man opposes him, come 2015 he will have a lot of explaining to do.

From where I am standing it looks like a win, win.


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David Cameron makes you proud to be British.

Posted 8 Feb 2013 by Walaa Idris

I smile whenever I hear people angrily complain about our obsession with party leaders’, how they appear to electorates, how they perform and their personal charisma. And although in the UK we elect individual MPs to make up the winning team and the governing party. When it came down to it, for years now, the leader of the winning party was the biggest deciding factor on who will win the election. In some way that is presidential.

Take the 1997 general election where Labour won their historic landslide, most people who voted Labour did because they liked Tony Blair and wanted him to become prime minister. And they did again in 2001 and 2005. But people did not like Gordon Brown and did not want him to become prime minister, so when Labour forced him on them, in 2010 they rejected him. In 2010 people also very much liked David Cameron, however, during the Leadership Debates they also liked the look and the sound of “I agree with Nick” Clegg. That is why even after the second and the third debates when Cleggmina subsided a little his star was still raising high. He might have lost some momentum by the time polling day came around, but the seed was already sown. That is why the UK had it first hung parliament and coalition government in decades. Remember that Rose Garden moment when the two walked out together joked and laughed with each other. That was what the voters wanted and was happy to get it and see.

So, despite what many might think, our elections are in some ways presidential style contests. Where the right charismatic, effective, unifying leader – and handsome will not hurt either – will win the election for his party and form Her Majesty’s Government.

With that in mind, our current ‘president’, after promising an In/Out Referendum in our EU membership, legislating for same sex couples to marry (despite what most of his own party thought) he has proved to the sceptics that he is not isolated in Europe. It looks like once again he will bring home the bacon, by cutting the EU budget for the first time, and keeping our rebate.

As many readers of this blog know, I don’t always agree with everything David Cameron proposes, says or does, but I always believed he is great for the country and good for our party. I am now beginning to think he will also go down in history as one of the best peacetime British prime ministers

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Thank you Mr Cameron for pledging a referendum

Posted 24 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

Cameron EU Speech

Love the timing, the content and the effect Cameron’s EU speech had on everyone form the party faithful to the opposition and everyone in-between. Party poopers might say it won’t have happened had it not been for UKIP putting pressure and Tory Eurosceptics rebelling – but who cares? If that was the nudge Mr Cameron needed, then hurray. Both did well. Nonetheless, David Cameron has always been a pragmatic Eurosceptic and this speech was coming one way or another.

Regardless of when the Prime Minister gave the speech, the EU issue needed addressing. Our relationship was/is becoming difficult and at times even toxic. With the economy in turmoil and every nation inside and outside the union is looking for ways to survive and improve for the future – addressing our relationship is part of the collective reforms everyone in the region is undergoing. The EU question might for some be at the bottom of their list of important issues – but when many decisions are still made and governed by Brussels – the cost of these issues becomes very important.

Some people see the speech as a gamble, but I disagree. And here’s why. On the domestic front, Cameron has one, pulled the rug from under UKIP – they can no longer goad the Tories on the referendum issue. And two, Miliband’s Labour has ruled giving the British public any referendum – some Labourites would like us to believe this ‘No EU Referendum’ promise is just for ‘now’ – but I think it is safe to say “Labour Denies Britain a Referendum” has a nice ring to it come 2015.

On the international stage, the US and Obama now know their place. As for Europe, now, they have little choice but to take us seriously, listen to the British people and try to at least meet half way. When it comes to those who think Britain is ‘not that important’ and Europe will not care if we leave or stay – better think again. We are extremely important, Britain is vital to the union in trade, defence, agriculture and fishery. If in doubt, just check the French’s reaction to the speech. The EU and the world know and appreciate our importance, its high time we too know and embrace it.

But most of all, by being on the side of the British public David Cameron has put the Conservative Party and conservatism in a strong position separating it from Labour and the others.

Tory Eurosceptics can now relax and rally behind their leader, after all we have an economy to fix, promises to deliver and an election to win outright and none of that is possible with a disunited party.

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Limiting people and their aspiration is evil.

Posted 8 Aug 2012 by Walaa Idris

Despite Labour’s tireless efforts to paint the current government as evil, ineffective and thoughtless, today the Prime Minister showed otherwise.

This morning on LBC with Nick Ferrari, Prime Minster David Cameron explained his government was NOT selling off school playing fields. He was very clear that some 20 plus fields came from schools that either closed down or merged with others in the area. He also said that one billion pounds were earmarked to improve the delivery of school sports. However, he criticized the target culture breed by and inherited from Labour and called for a change in attitude towards playing and coaching sports. He called instead for a more involved and invested culture by teachers, schools and even parents. Cameron also argued that targets allow schools to box tick therefore taking the focus form achieving and going the extra mile.

His interview, the Olympics’ Gold Rush and Team GB’s success got me thinking!

Just imagine if we all changed our attitude form “I did what I can do” to “I can and I will do it”!!!! From my experience that is the attitude of most successful people in all aspects of life, sports, business, and the entertainment industry.

The can do attitude is not that difficult, I know one young man, thirteen years old Hugh Parry who is doing just that. His team needs funding and he is cycling cross country to help raise it follow him here and help if you can.


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Prime Minster Cameron finished the year in style!

Posted 15 Dec 2011 by Walaa Idris

Last PMQs - 2011

Yesterday was the last PMQs of the year, because of other commitments I watched half of it last night and finished the rest this afternoon. Of course, these days with Twitter I had a good idea how it went before sitting down to watch. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed watching it.

Cameron has definitely ended 2011 on a high, but can’t say the same for the leaders of the opposition – who although has started well with an ‘obvious’ question on unemployment – he failed to maintain his momentum and went downhill fast! Sadly for Miliband, it got worse when he tried to use Clegg’s presence (the DPM was headlines news with his absence on Monday) to taunt the PM only for Cameron to comeback with the fabulous: ‘It’s not like we’re brothers or anything.’

However, what stood out for me more than the gibes and an over excited house was the Prime Minister’s complimenting backbenchers around the Chamber. He praised David Blunkett (somehow I thought it was John Reid who did) for creating citizenship ceremonies, Yvonne Fovargue, for her work on Citizens’ Advice Bureau both Lab MPs plus he thanked Eddie McKay, a senior doorkeeper and a war veteran, for his service.

Throughout the session, David Cameron showed confidence and compassion, he was simply awesome – Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2012 to all who work in the Houses of Parliament.


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How can women voters leave a man like Dave?

Posted 2 Oct 2011 by Walaa Idris

David Cameron Conservative Party Conference 2011

Putting to one side my personal feelings and political biases. I am puzzled at the news that fewer women are supporting David Cameron. Especially since he is the Tory leader who put women, their equality and welfare in the forefront of every decision he made since he became the Conservative Party Leader in 2005. He appointed more female party leaders than any leader before him, now has a female Home Secretary and is surrounded by a powerful female inner circle and Cabinet.

I always say, you can tell how a man really feels about women, by what he says about his mother and the type of woman that he choices to stand by his side, by the two main women in his life! Our Dave is married to a dynamic, single minded and formidable woman – and admires and looks up to his mother!

Let’s also not forget that Cameron is the man who introduced the Priority List of Preferred Candidates – we know it as the A ‘list – which had at least 50% women and saw the most number of women selected and elected to parliament in the history of our party. The A ‘list – loath it or love it – is the reason the Conservatives last year had the largest number of female MPs elected. Clearly the man fully supports and believes in women.

Then what is it? Surely, it’s not his two remarks on the floor of the House. He can’t possibly be vilified for his boisterous remarks – both women, Labour’s Angela Eagle and Conservative Nadine Dorries are no lightweight and I’m positive they took the comments on the chin. Besides, we all know it’s the House of Commons’ culture!

Compare that with the leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, who fathered two children with a woman he never intended to marry and only reluctantly did under pressure after he became the leader of his party. The man who never even bothered to put his name on his child’s birth certificate!

As a woman and a mother I find Miliband’s behavior towards the mother of his children and therefore his regard to women not to mention his own child, liberal or not, appallingly shocking and disrespectful to women and family values.

However, more women run households, work in public sector jobs and do part time work than men – more women are single parents and have to cope alone. With the cuts and rising costs of living biting more women are under immense financial pressure and that stress will undoubtedly reflect on the popularity of the Coalition Government and its leader.

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Today Cameron showed grown-ups responsible leadership

Posted 8 Jul 2011 by Walaa Idris

On Wednesday, the leader of the opposition and his backbenchers – during PMQs – showed us how poor novice leadership is done! He was aggressive and relentless in his quest to incriminate everyone remotely close to News Corporation – conveniently forgetting that the phone hacking allegations and the questionable journalistic culture all happened on Labour’s watch. But such is his party’s detest ‘now’ to all things Murdoch that they are prepared to forget and even rewrite history to appear righteous.

By contrast, this morning the Prime Minster calmly and coherently laid out plans for two enquiries – one of them led by a judge. Plus he accepted full responsibility for every decision he made regarding his relationship with current and former News Corporation employees and showed how responsible and mature leadership conducts business.

As a member of the public I find Cameron’s handling of the situation – from shouldering the responsibly of his actions to putting in place the appropriate measures needed to deal with the investigations – reassuring. Knowing that when raw feelings were flying around, the PM was sensible composed and did not get sucked in the media whirlwind but kept a mature level head approach is very encouraging.

While I belief that public pressure is a wonderful and effective weapon – like most weapons it can be dangerous if used unwisely or incorrectly. History is littered with collateral damage of innocent people tried in haste to appease the crowd. I will say it again – it is always best to take time and do things correctly no matter how long they might take. This phone – hacking mess surfaced in 2006 and still no one knows how long it’s been going for or how deep it touches – it is therefore inconceivable to get to the bottom of it in a matter of days or even weeks, if it’s to be resolved permanently and correctly!

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